Answer to NZ Herald flag attack



this is my reader´s letter to Leonard Doyle from the NZ Herald:

Dear Mr. Doyle,

The internet makes the world global, even a little lost island like NZ. Thus I could read your confusing article here in Spain. Your writing is rife of misunderstandings and false facts, I can only think youre one of what we call here a "cheap-journalist", one who just repeats what he has been told or tells from the first press resume put in his hands. You have no idea of what youre talking about. Writing from your antipodes (both geographical and ideological)I wont go deeper in all this now, just let me say three things and please investigate it:

1. The flag beneath the SC Capitol Monument is the Battle Flag of the Confederate Army (square pattern flag of the Army of Northern Virginia), NOT the Confederate National Flag (Confederate States of America). It honors the sacrifice and suffering of thousands of citizens who didn’t own slaves and fought just for personal constitutional liberty and the sovereignty of their State, as every CSA soldier did. This is honored by flying this flag and its inmoral to demand its removal! Dont foolish yourself by following other peoples propaganda lies.

2. The probably worst racist in American history is a man called Abraham Lincoln. Please feel free to read his Collected Works, in the period between the 1830´s and 1862 you will find scaring racist plans like the recolonisation of all the Black people back to Africa.

3. Slavery existed in the Union as in the Confederacy, it was not abolished in the USA until more than half a year after the War. Take a look at Lincoln´s "Emancipation Proclamation" and what it exactly says. You may feel ashamed of this man. By the way, the worst lynching in American history occurred in New York, not in the South.

As a journalist you can harm a lot by divulging falsehood. And its against your professional ethics of course.

Thank you for your time.

Raphael Waldburg-Zeil