April 9 “First Friday” Speaker James Ronald Kennedy Will Discuss “Nullifying Tyranny,” Necessity Of Resisting Growing Federal Lawlessness

The “Institute On The Constitution’s” April 9, 2010, “First Friday” speaker is James Ronald (Ron) Kennedy, co-author, with his twin brother Walter Donald Kennedy, of the new book “Nullifying Tyranny: Creating Moral Communities In An Immoral Society” (Pelican Publishing.) Copies of this book will be on sale at the “IOTC” Bookstore the night of this event.

As with past “First Friday” events, this one will be held at 8028 Ritchie Highway, Suite 315, Pasadena, Maryland. Doors open at 6:30 PM and our discussion begins promptly at 7:00 PM. The event is free but because of limited space please RSVP to 1-866-730-9796; that’s 1-866-730-9796. There will be refreshments and good food.

James Ronald Kennedy was born in Copiah County, Mississippi. He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, having ancestors who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Kennedy is currently the director of risk management for a Louisiana insurance company. He graduated from Louisiana State University and received his master’s degree in health administration from Tulane University. Kennedy lives with his family in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Nullification is the authority of a state to refuse to be totally ruled by the Federal Government. In their new book, the Kennedys take aim at the ever-expanding U.S. government, holding it accountable for the corruption of American society, which they believe is under the control of an anti-Christian secular humanist element.

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