Ted Nugent Wonders if ‘We’d Have Been Better Off if the South Had Won the Civil War’

by Jordan Zakarin

The Detroit-born rocker rages against Chief Justice John Roberts and his deciding vote in the Supreme Court’s ruling on health reform last week.

Worried about the legacy of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Ted Nugent is now pondering whether the world would have been better off had the Confederate States, which fought to sever the union, been victorious in the Civil War.

The Detroit-born rocker and outspoken conservative activist writes in a new op-ed for The Washington Times of his fundamental fear of what he calls "Fedzilla," or a government with a social safety net. Triggered by Chief Justice John Roberts voting to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Care Act — but calling the mandate to buy insurance a tax instead of a penalty — Nugent says, "Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead."

A longtime critic of the president — he received a visit from the Secret Service after making allusions to beheading Obama and members of his administration while at an NRA convention in April — Nugent blasts Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid as parts of what he calls a full-on socialist state.

"Our entitlement programs have bankrupted America," Nugent writes. "We have dug a financial crater so deep that many doubt we can ever climb out. With his vote, Chief Justice Roberts didn’t give Fedzilla an even bigger shovel, he gave Fedzilla an earth mover with which to dig bigger financial holes."

He then adds, "The president should have Chief Justice Roberts over for dinner, give him a ride on Air Force One and apologize for not voting for him during his confirmation hearings. It’s the least the community-organizer-in-chief can do for the turncoat chief justice who saved the president’s socialist health care program."

Nugent endorsed Rick Perry for the GOP nomination for president this winter, before later throwing his support to Mitt Romney.

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