Re: NRA Shunning of SCV Ad
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Frank Powel-Editor in Chief, Confederate Veteran Magazine
Re: NRA Refuses SCV ad

The refusal of the National Rifle Association (NRA) to run a Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) ad has created quite the controversy as noted in the latest edition of the “Confederate Veteran” magazine. While I sympathize with the hard liners of the SCV who have cancelled their personal and family NRA memberships, we must step back as Lee & Jackson would and utilize the controversy to our MUTUAL benefit rather than further distancing ourselves from a similar thinking, politically incorrect and honorable family member who is demonized by the same ignorant opponents to responsibility and LIBERTY as ourselves.
Controversy creates opportunity. With the thousands of SCV members who are also NRA members, unifying our voice for education, consensus and advancement of goals should be recognized and executed. The NRA is a member driven organization so that’s the key. (Of course, I’m sure the popular media would enjoy this feud if they got wind of it. Might could have some fun with this if the NRA does not wish to learn of our concerns.)
A concerted effort via our membership should be employed. An SCV appointed “Point Person” to coordinate the effort to deliver a massive amount of communication (all conducted via e-mail; low cost, fast & effective) to the NRA in a short time could open the door to dialog. This very well might gain their attention. Once they are aware of the concerns of THOUSANDS of their members, an effort to communicate our common issues could then be engaged with their executive level or via individual Board members. This could become an educational effort of substantially larger consequence than of the sale of an ad.
Rather than allowing our detractor to once again divide us from family, an effort to educate could identify mutual points of common concerns. Within the SCV’s membership are Compatriots willing to step up to this challenge should SCV leadership delegate the opportunity and ASK COMPATRIOTS for assistance. We have little downside and much potential upside.
On a separate note, with my experience in the presentation of over a dozen SCV JROTC Hunley awards at high school JROTC awards ceremonies, I have not seen a “Marksmanship” or similar HIGH  ACHEIVEMNT award/medal bestowed by a National organization upon a worthy Cadet. With the SCV’s experience on the topic along with our cross membership, this might be a platform of common goal for a future effort; working with a like-minded organization AND putting that organization front and center in our public schools just as we have done with the Hunley award. A suggested name for the award could be the “Jack Hinson Excellence in Marksmanship” Award for first, second or third year cadets.
Should I be of service in furthering this effort or discussion, please feel free to contact me.
Capt. Phil Walters
National Rifle Association-Life member
Dixie Gator Trappers
Sponsor: Capt. JJ Dickison (CS) “Grey Ghost" 1971 AMC Javelin
1st Lt Commander J.P. Benjamin camp 2210 SCV
Safari Club International-Life member
Sons of Confederate Veterans–Life member