From: Billy D. Chapman <>
Date: Wed, Nov 2, 2011
Subject: Note to Mr. Edgerton

Let me say sir that you are a black angel from heaven that walks the road that all today fear to travel. No where in the Americas are the white and black races further apart than in the U.S. where their relationships are legislated by the government. History happens over a long period of time and in that context the Civil War was yesterday, the U.S. Government destroyed a civilization to confiscate the cotton fields of the South, no different than it’s destruction of the ancient civilizations of the Middle East to gain control of the oil fields there. There is only one culture that Washington D.C. can tolerate beside the one it has created and that is one that has been killed off and displayed in a museum. The whites of the South should stand before you in shame that it would take a black man to carry the burden of awakening them to the forgotten sacrifices of their ancestors. Truly the white and negro races were of one family in the old South and and no one today not born and raised there can comprehend that. May you be safely guarded in your continuing journey for you are certainly a treasure loved and cherished by many.


Billy D. Chapman