Not so honest Abe

Re: "Honest Abe was Right," by T.W. "Bill" Neville, Mailbag, May 29, 2008.

In response to Mr. Neville’s article on ole honest Abe he sure brought to light some good ole quotes from the wood-splitting war criminal.

However, he did not bring to light the true Abe – a man who authorized war crimes, usurped the Constitution, suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus, jailed the Maryland Legislature, exiled a Senator from Ohio, gave the thumbs up to a massacre of Indians in Minnesota, tried to move blacks back to Africa (Liberia), furthermore made the statement I would free some of them none of them or all them, regarding blacks!

You are right though, Mr. Neville, Lincoln did emancipate people, 650,000-plus in what we have erroneously called the "Civil War." They were emancipated to Jesus across this great country.

He also allowed Union troops to emancipate silver, furniture, and everything that could not be tied down in the south and taken north. I would suggest to you that read a book called "The Real Lincoln," along with the rest of America. Sorry our school systems have you so misinformed.

Fort Myers