The South Isn’t Just In The South

Posted Monday, November 3, 2008

"The South Shall Rise Again.’

We’ve all heard it, at one time or another. And I’ve often thought that it NEEDS to, but it’s not really a southern thing. It really isn’t.

When you mention the term "Civil War" to people, the first words out of most of their mouths, is that it was "ALL about slavery", which is as wrong as two men in bed together.

Yes, slavery WAS an issue, and I do NOT support it. Never have, and I want to say that right up front.

But the main gripe with the south, was the intrusion into their lives from those "Damned Yankees" up north.

Nearly 150 years later, most people think the "Yankees" are a New York ball club, but the "Yankees" are still here, well funded and organized. We just call them by another name.

"Big Brother."

I have longtime friends, old war buddies and such, who live all over this country. In my travels over the past 4 decades, I’ve spent time in homes of people who have Confederate flags on their walls, decals and license plates on pickup trucks, and when you talk "late night over coffee" with them, you see clearly, where they have for the most part, been stereotyped.

When a few old white guys get together miles from nowhere and can’t be overheard, THIS is when you’re gonna hear the "N" word, if you’re going to hear it at all.

What I’VE heard from most of these "Confederate sore-loser bigots" as they’re called……is the corruption in D.C.

They quickly tell you about the crap decisions from D.C., and how they should take care of their own mess they’re created, and just leave the rest of us alone. "Big Brother is the biggest enemy of the "Confederate South."

Living up HERE in Idaho all these years, I’ve heard an awful lot of the same thing. The VERY REASON we are a predominently "RED" state, is that we don’t go along with the crap from back east, either. Does that make us rednecks and bigots?………….in the feeble minds of many, it DOES.

But the original bunch who stood up to the 19th century "Big Brother" were in FACT the guys with the "stars and bars".

When I see a Confederate flag today, (shoulder patch, decal, license plate, etc}, I don’t see an anti-black symbol…….not in 2008 anyway……….I see an anti-bureaucrat symbol. I see a guy who doesn’t feel he NEEDS the government’s permission to breathe. He wants to be taxed on what he buys, not from what he has.

The "stars and bars" wearer doesn’t need his telephone tapped. If he wants to make whiskey, fly a flag in his yard or carry a gun (any of the 3 on HIS OWN PROPERTY), that’s HIS business, not the government’s.

The "bigot with the flag" who has busted his butt for what he has, doesn’t want to see the tax money he’s already being robbed of, used to help foreign countries when he can’t even afford to re-roof his own barn. Neither does he feel he should work himself to death, to help those who won’t work at all. (See "Spreading the Wealth").

The guy in Boise trying to keep his small business from being taxed out of existence….and the Alabama farmer trying to keep his crops growing. Is there any fundamental difference?

Yeah……… of them is a "slavery-supporting radical bigot" because he has a flag, that to HIM, means freedom from government intrusion.

That flag, means as much to that man and his heritage, as the Mexican flag does to the thousands out demonstrating in the streets of Southern California, (which seems to be ok with everyone)

Barack Obama doesn’t even show respect for OUR flag, but half this country might elect him into office tomorrow, (and THAT seems to be ok, too).

But the guy with a southern flag………….."Oh you nutcase radical WACKO you!…….how many slaves do YOU have?…….If I were "Billy Bob", I’d turn around to that same entrepreneur and say "NONE!! And while we’re on that subject, how many ILLEGALS do YOU have fer a buck an hour?"

"Well sir……not’s really not the issue here……….." (You sorry hypocrite!)

Folks, I was born out west and have proudly lived in the northwest for most of my life, but I myself am more pro-Confederate that many people who actually DO physically live in the south.

I took the time and opportunity to meet with AyreWolf this past Saturday morning in Glenns Ferry, another one of these "radical wackos" as they say. We discussed a lot of things……..nothing to do with oppressing or sending blacks "back to Africa"———sorry to disappoint some of you out there…………

We DID talk about booting the ILLEGALS out, especially the WORST of these "illegals", the terrorist haven in New York City, called the U.N.

He told me about the Confederate National Party, and talked about setting up a chapter here in Idaho.

I haven’t had time yet to check out their website, but suspect it’s probably pretty viable if they stand for the things I believe they probably do. If so, I’d probably be one of the first to go with it.

Realistically, it’s probably too little too late, and as I told Pat, I don’t think anything short of a revolt is going to turn this country around. The CNP (Confederate National Party) has a monumental ordeal in front of them, in that despite good intentions and core values, they must somehow get around an intensely biased national news media that coddles liberalism……….and they DO control most of the networks and newspapers.

Ron Paul is the guy who SHOULD be in the White House, but his ideas, his record and his attitude is TOO American. It would have stopped too much graft, got rid of the illegal taxation, and would have left the rest of the world to POLICE ITSELF. U.N. would have been evicted, along with the Federal Reserve and the IRS………..God Almighty, we can’t have THAT!

If the National Confederate Party tones in as I suspect it might, I’d probably join it. In these times of lies, deception, voter fraud and potential socialism, might feel pretty good to belong to a political party that actually stands for our freedoms. I’ll check it out and get back to you all.

For the record, my visit with AyreWolf had nothing to do with my "Rebel views" or being a "Confederate." It just helped confirm what I’ve always believed.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of things breaking over the last couple of days (see FOX), hopefully not breaking too late………….and there’s tomorrow…..where we’ll see if voters in this country really ARE as ignorant as they would appear to be. I’ll close this particular blog with this:

I regret that I have but ONE vote to give for my country. (If I was an ACORN Democrat, I’d have up to 73). If McCain/Palin pull this off, it’ll take Divine intervention, because this election is as crooked and slanted as Obama himself.

Heard the latest? They’re having voting problems in Florida AGAIN (and they’ve had 4 years to fix it).


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