Not about the Civil War


Mr. Birney,

The below is simple sophistry. Of course "it’s" about the "Civil War" (or least the interpretation of what it was "about").

Your analysis is superficial at best in that it raises more questions than it answers. If I were to attempt to pick your piece apart, I would probably spend nearly the rest of my life in the attempt. (Although I am sure that such attempt would invigorate me).

If you can explain yourself in better terms, I invite you to do so. Otherwise, this goes into my "What?!" file.

Basil D. (Bazz) Childress
Lexington, Kentucky
Descendant of Revolutionary War and War of Northern Aggression veterans

This is not about the Civil War or who writes the history books or whether blacks fought for the South or your feelings about Michelle Obama or even Black History Month.

It’s simply about doing the right thing in this situation at this moment in time. You have a school mascot that for many is a throwback to repressive times, is offensive to part of your student body and, to the larger world, casts the community in an unfavorable light.

A mascot change at Caledonia is not a renunciation of anyone’s heritage, nor should it be seen as a compromise. It would simply be recognition that the Confederate mascot has outlived its usefulness and should be retired. Is it naive to think that done properly the change could be reinvigorating for the community of Caledonia? A good place becomes even better.