From: Chris Thulien <>
Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012
Subject: A young Northerner who Shares Your Cause

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

My name is Christopher O. S. Thulien.  I am a freshman at Beloit College and an Eagle Scout in the Great State of Wisconsin.  And though I am a ‘Yankee,’ (and in all likelihood, my Irish & Norwegian immigrant ancestors would have fought in the Federal Army during the War Between the States had they been living here during those dark times) I have nothing but respect for your cause and your dedication to it.  You are the noblest of men for a cause I have seen in my few young years.  I feel that, though we may have a few slight differences in philosophy on History and the War, that we would get along quite well if we had the chance to meet face to face. Maybe one day this will be possible.

In my early years, I was- as you might say- indoctrinated with the oversimplified and grossly distorted views of the conflict, and the history of Slavery in our great country during the Civil War.  As I grew older, and began to pursue my passion for all things historical, I began to question the information that had been gradually spoon-fed to me throughout the years, especially with regards to the war.  During my years in a very -shall we say- ‘independent’ high school, I was given the opportunity to devote two solid years of my education to the study of the War, the men who fought it and the realities of society at the time.  During the course of this study (which pales, of course, in comparison to your own work in this field of study, I am sure) I became involved with a reenacting group, the 2nd Virginia Infantry Company F ‘Winchester Riflemen,’ which portrays a company of the 2nd Infantry Regiment as it was commanded under General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson.  I also became involved with the 66th North Carolina Infantry Regiment in the competition shooting organization called the ACWSA; a group very similar to the N-SSA, which operates in your area and you may have become acquainted with.

Of course, it has been several years now since I have begun studying the war in earnest, and to make a long story short, I have grown from being an ignorant young boy to a ‘wiser’ person.  Now, I have nothing but respect for all of the men on both sides who fought for what they thought was right- a true display of Americanism that has seen few equals since.   And now, as you and I both know, their honor is under fire.  The displays of hate against the flag, and those who so tarnish the purity of the battle flag using it as a weapon of hate against their own people, sicken me as I am sure they sicken you. Your message of brotherhood, and above all, understanding, has touched me in a profound way.  Knowing now that my friends and I in the North have comrades elsewhere will help us push past the ignorance and ridicule that we face for wearing the Grey and will allow us to continue on our quest to educate all on the true history of the war.  I am honored to be part of such a cause, and hope that one day all of our forefathers will receive the respect they deserve.

It has been a privilege to write this letter to you, and one day I hope that we can all sit at the table of brotherhood and celebrate reaching our final goal.  God bless you and the path we tread.

I remain, Your Obedient Servant,
Christopher O.S. Thulien, portraying 2nd Sgt. Christopher Flynn of the 2nd Virginia Infantry Co. F