Northern-Born Officers Wearing Grey
Many native-Northerners did not serve in Lincoln’s invading armies; a good number led the soldiers of Southern armies fighting for political liberty and independence.
Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute 

Northern-Born Officers Wearing Grey:
The following served as general officers in the Confederate armies:
Natives of New York were Samuel Cooper, Daniel Frost, Archibald Gracie, Jr., Martin Luther Smith, William Steele and Walter H. Stevens; Pennsylvanians included Josiah Gorgas, Charles G.U. Dahlgren, Robert P. Maclay and Henry Kent McCay; New Jersey men included Samuel Gibbs French, Julius de Lagnel and William Henry Parsons; Massachusetts natives were Albert Pike, Daniel Ruggles, Claudius Sears, Albert Gallatin Blanchard, James C. Tappan, William Henry Chase and Charles Dimmock. From Maine were natives Zebulon York and Daniel Leadbetter; from Ohio were Daniel Reynolds and Roswell Ripley; from Connecticut were natives Clement Stevens, John Galbraith Pratt and Elisha L. Tracy; and Lewis Gustavus DeRussy was a native of Michigan.
The following Northern-born colonels served the South:
Massachusetts natives Charles W. Adams, Charles DeMorse, Charles A. Fuller and Thomas D. Merrick; New Yorkers William Barkuloo, James Barr, Jr., Ross E. Burke, William O. Coleman, Lee Crandall,  Michael Farrell, William C. Heyward, Munson R. Hill, John W. Hinsdale, Joseph C. Ives, John McGuirk, Hugh McLeod,  Ebenezer B. Nichols, John Boynton Palmer and George Henry Sweet.
Born in New Jersey were Harris Flanagin, William G. Gill, William Henry Parsons, Philip Stockton and James B. Walton; of Ohio were Clark R. Barteau, John Robert Baylor (A huge man, “anyone he liked was the best fellow in the world, and anyone he disliked was the damnest rascal living.”), Simon P. Burns, Henry E. Clark, Cyrus F. Franklin, Charles H. Herrick, William Lafayette Jeffers, Emmet McDonald, James Reily and Daniel M. Shriver; Rhode Island natives Lloyd J. Beall, Nicholas C. Gould and Henry M. Shaw.
Pennsylvanians were DeWitt Clinton Bonham, Charles M. Bradford, Addison Gorgas Brenizer, William A. Buck, James Riddle Shaler, George Hugh Smith, James Strawbridge and Thomas M. R. Talcott; of Connecticut were Roswell W. Lee, Daniel N. Moody,  Ashbel Smith, John R. F. Tattnall, Louis T. Woodruff, Thomas G. Woodward; of New Hampshire were Lewis M. Hatch, Preston Pond, Jr. and William M. Wadley; Illinoisans were William E. Hughes and DeWitt Clinton Hunter. Maine native Abel Ware Bosworth served as did John McAnerney, Jr. of Rhode Island; and Michigan’s William H. Brooks.
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