Northern Slavery


Just a note:

First of all Happy Robert E. Lee Day.

The write up on ‘Northern Slavery’ is not totally accurate.

There was four times the slavery in the north than there ever was in the south. He has that backwards.

Slavery lasted for several years AFTER the war in the north, but the South freed most of their slaves long BEFORE Lincoln’s ’emancipation’ (that was only aimed at the south) and even before the war began.

But this is a Yankee writing this, so the access to real truth is hard for him to find and study apparently.

New things are still being discovered all the time – like the letter form Lincoln they just found a few months ago and read on national TV – once ! When they realized what the letter was really saying, they never allowed it to be mentioned again.

It was a letter in Lincoln’s own hand to his generals blasting them for NOT being MORE brutal to the South and the Southern people! Once this was realized the letter was ‘out away’ and never heard from again. More cover up. Anything that shows the real Lincoln is concealed still. That has been the biggest cover up of all in this nation and in our history, and there has been a LOT covered up in our history by this Lincoln Federal Government!

Carrie Taranova