The North Was And Is More Violent And Racist Than The South

I never said the South was perfect. However the North was and is, in many ways, more racist than the South past or present. In 1741 New York burned blacks at the stake because they feared a slave rebellion. New York had the highest per capita number of slaves in America second only to Charleston South Carolina. Wall Street in New York City was built with slave labor. Northern states had "Black Laws" that prohibited blacks from moving into the state. This included Abraham Lincoln’s state of Illinois. In 1863 New York City had draft riots and hung free blacks from the light poles in the city. The white residents did not want blacks to get their jobs while they were in the Union army. They even burned the black childrens orphanage. Even today the North is far more racist than the South. Jessee Jackson even admitted that blacks murder more blacks in one year than occured in 200 years of lynchings in the South. The Yankees hide it with their hypocrisy and the news media does not publicize it. The media hypes any incident that happens in the South and remains silent on incidents that happen in the North.

Reconstruction (1865-1877) was actually the plunder, looting, and rape of the Southern states by Northern carpetbaggers. They were like warlords with armies of former slaves. The carpetbaggers put the blacks up to mischief and had them burn houses and barns, shoot livestock and in some cases murder white residents and also conservative blacks that refused to participate. Uncle Sam’s terrorist organization was officially named "The Union League" or "Loyal League". No you have never heard of it as the Northern socialist marxist historians who write the American history books have swept these facts under the carpet and never printed them. This official U.S. government terrorist organization is what caused the rise of the Ku Klux Klan. (I disdain the modern Klan) The original KKK can be compared to the French resistance that rose up during World War II to resist occupation by the Nazis. It was necessary for white Southern survival during this shameful period of American history.

During reconstruction and in the early 20th century mass numbers of black Southerners moved to the cities. Crime skyrocketed and the Southern states passed Jim Crow laws and segregated them. This was the most non-violent thing that could be done to solve the problem. By the end of WWII it was time for segregation to end but the Yankees caused strife by invading the South again with armed military and forcing integration. Blacks could have achieved respect and civil rights by acting responsibly and accepting their civic responsibilities. Many still do not. Yes, some Southerners did commit violent acts such as church burnings and bombings that were totally unjustified. The yankees provoked it. The yankee has always worked to drive a wedge between white and black Southerners for political gain.

I recommend reading the politically incorrect book "The South Under Siege 1830-2000". Then you will understand what is really happening in the public schools and why. Blacks have been told by Northern liberal socialists that they should be offended by Confederate symbols. Blacks have no understanding of the degree to which they are being used and manipulated and for what purpose. This book is available from or from myself at He who controls the past controls the present and he who controls the present controls the future.

The comments some people on this forum have made show that they do not have a firm and complete understanding of past and current events. The Civil War is not over as many ignorant people believe. It began about 1830 as a culture war. It escalated into a shooting war from 1861-1865. The war then continued as a cultural cold war. The South is under full scale attack today just as much as in 1861-1865. Due to the skillful propaganda of the Northern socialists, many Americans including Southerners do not even have a clue that they are in the middle of a war. They ignorantly think and believe the war ended 140 years ago.

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