comment: Gentlemen – born and raised in the Deep South with memorial Yankee gun emplacements in my front yard on Missionary Ridge, I cannot begin to tell what joy fills my heart to find your website. I might even be tempted to give a rebel yell.

I have long ago despaired trying to get others to correctly see the War of Northern Aggression for what it was (and is), and have failed utterly for my audience is almost always composed of adults who, like frightened children, run around with their hands clapped over their ears crying ;LALALALALALA lest anything historically accurate or uncomfortable pierce the mental fog they prefer.

However – I have lately come upon a suitable tack to illustrate the vicious cruelty of the North and their determination to have this Nation all their way.

Battered Wife Syndrome.

BWS is composed of four main elements – (1) harassment and abuse verbal and posturing and theatening with frequent demands to kiss and make up (2) The wavering heart rending decision matrix endured by the wife being profoundly abused on the one hand while being cajoled back into the home on the other (3) ending in wife gritting her teeth and having decided to start again even if ruined and broken, makes a desperate decision to cut and run (4) Whereupon the abuser screams dementedly "You can’t leave me. I need you. IF YOU LEAVE ME I WILL KILL YOU."

If you leave, I will kill you.

That, gentlemen, is/was the War Between The States.

God Bless and may Dixie eventually prevail in the war against the Yankee humanists.

Grand Junction CO