The virtuous, noble, and righteous Union (Yeah, right)
Lt. Edward W. Allen noted in his diary what happened when his Wisconsin regiment visited Columbia [South Carolina] in 1865. He spoke of "women down on their knees with hands clasped in prayer," and he wondered how he would react if his own family had to go through such an ordeal.
But he wasn’t so moved that he couldn’t participate in the looting:
"…(W)hen morning came, every conceivable article that one could imagine, most, was to be found in our camp, clothing, bed clothing, such splendid coverlets, quilts, and sheets, musical instruments — violins, guitars, music box, and had not pianos been quite so heavy you might have seen many of them there… Silver plate, plates, knives, forks, spoons, but it would take too much time, candle and paper to mention or even try to mention all that was there, most all was left — destroyed except small articles of value easily carried by one of the boys. I got a nice vase which I will try to get home."
If they want to compare anything with Nazism, perhaps they should compare
their own behavior with Hitler’s looting of Paris.
Those bad ol’ Southerners had it coming, you see.  They seceded for no good reason were always whipping slaves — and all of them had slaves and mistreated them.  Gosh, didn’t you watch that historically accurate movie, Roots?  And everyone in the North opposed slavery and didn’t have anything to do with it; no, only Southerners are guilty.  Now let us recite the Pledge of Allegiance.