These are excerpts from various material available concerning the status of the Confederacy.
I believe, as many do, that it is just as valid today as it was in 1865. We are an occupied nation by an illegal government.
Gary Price
Capt John Low Camp, 2161, SCV

No Surrender!
Concerning the surrender of General Robert E. Lee: …"there is only one country"…to some that will never be…"(Shaara, 1998, p. 515)…"the wounds would not be allowed to heal, the vision of the bright future would be pushed aside, replaced by a dark vision of revenge [concerning Lincoln’s death]. Instead of healing, the wounds would be probed and ripped, would become scars that would never quite close, would be kept alive with anger and hostility for generations" (Shaara, 1998, p.522).
"[4.10.65] and that if he [Lee] would… surrender of all armies I had no doubt his advice would be followed with alacrity.  But Lee said that he could not do that without consulting the President first.  I knew there was no use to urge him to do anything against his ideas of what was right."(Grant, 1885 p.555-560).
"[Gen Joe Johnston, April 26, 1865 to Sherman…Jeff [abbr] Davis approved these terms but in Washington the news was received as a bombshell and Secy of War Stanton stood ready to ignite it. In the cabinet the terms were rejected and orders issued to resume hostilities immediately…The final agreement was simply a military surrender. None of the civil guarantees of the first agreement were included" (notes from the SCV).
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Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, New York, 1885,
Wade Hampton Camp, SCV., Camp No. 273