From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2011
Subject: We have NO Statesmen, NO Leaders and, consequently, NO Direction……..

Confederate Commentary (hundreds bcc herein),
The arrogance & incompetence of this walking gutless wonder called Obama, in conjunction  with his hand-picked Lackey’s and political stooge’s that comprise his Demoncrat party, have finally made what has been clearly obvious for almost 2 years now resulting in the mathematical confirmation that we are a Broke and Horribly Weak Country thanks to him & them!
That other wing of this duopolis bird, the Republicans, instead of holding their ground as the People wanted, once again played into the hands of their opponents and have once again ‘Snatched Defeat From the Jaws of Victory’ contributing further to the Country’s destitution & BLEEDING.
Untold TRILLIONS of DOLLARS have been squandered under the guise of Stimulus or Shovel ready projects that NEVER happened while the Maniacs under this Zealot continued to under-write the entire World and every Special Interest Group using TaxPayer money to do so.
Europe is in a TOTAL Free-Fall and we are NOT far behind.
Everything YOU have ever worked and saved for is worth 50% less and these Political Maggots want even more from you as of this communiqué.
The other night, this pathetic and in-experienced fool of a president, half-bombed at his Birthday Bash had the further temerity to suggest that "we are only half way there", with respect to his failed programs & those he intends on advancing & further implementing over the course of his presidency.
The Market fell the following day 500 points in recognition of his failure and his "half way" half ass comment.
Today, the Market fell another 600 points further eroding our Savings & Investments, and all this character who calls himself president can do, is blame YOU & I and ANY opponent for his lack of success.
Meanwhile, rioting has broken out in London and for the first time in American History, our  Bond Rating is less than AAA!  You can Thank Obama and this corrupt Congress for this.  This is the net result of an Ideology as perverse as any that ever existed cloaked and disguised as ‘Hope & Change’ that this Autocrat sold you on & that which we Confederates predicted & warned you was NO less than another Wolf in Sheep’s clothing that had again come a call’en!
To say we TOLD YOU SO is an enormous understatement and does not remotely begin to describe the many dynamics associated with all that has culminated over these last 150 years.
This is the stark result of EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION made by those men who carefully & methodically worked in the preparation & development of a Republic that is certainly NO MORE!
YOU are living the consequences of Indifference and Abstinence from responsibility that is the sum total of today’s nightmare and things are only going to get even worse.
Continue to believe that YOU can change things at the voting booth every 4 years and your epitaph will be eulogized by those who are presently destroying you and your family’s.
Until such time when YOU come to grips with the hard and obvious fact that WE MUST SEPARATE, ALL ELSE IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY.
I STRONGLY urge one and all to visit the Provisional Government of the Confederacy’s website at to learn how the Restoration & Reseating process of that Confederate Government that was NEVER Surrendered is entirely possible AND necessary.
50% of the people in this Country do NOT pay Taxes.  That is up 32% from only 20 years ago and the Politicians REFUSE TO EVEN ADDRESS THAT FACT.  Their solution is to TAKE MORE from the 50% who have acted responsibly.
Obama is a joke.  His ‘cabinet’ which should be placed in a cabinet is a joke.  Both party’s are a joke.  Congress is a joke and we have NO statesmen, NO leaders and, consequently, NO direction.
We are as listless as was the Bismarck who had its rudder shot out from it and could only ‘travel’ in circles until such time, and by the mercy of War, her fate was finally sealed.
Pelosi said, ”We need to pass this Bill, so we know what’s in it."…..that is what we have for governance.
She also said, " What we’re trying to do is Save the World from the Republican budget. We’re trying to Save Life on this Planet as we know it today. "….. the Ideology of the One Worlder exposed.
Obama has shut down every institution of Capitalism destroying the remaining Infrastructure of this Country while exporting all the jobs overseas and acting like the bungling piece of dreck he is.
Obama said on election eve 2008, "Tomorrow, the OFFICIAL TRANSFORMATION of America begins."……an affirmation of the One World Ideology he represents and what was, for the most part, the Official & Confirming Announcement that American Sovereignty and our way of Life was DEAD!
Obama said he would shut down our Coal Industry and extend greater dependency upon foreign fuels from People who simply hate us.
He has bungled Iran, Libya and the Gulf Oil Crisis, etc., etc. to name but a few of his incompetent ‘achievments’ to date, not too mention the economy and much more while castigating anyone who dared suggest otherwise.
Obama said, "To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active Black students, the Foreign Students, the Chicanos, the Marxist professors and the Punk-Rock performance poets."  The Lame Street Media NEVER once questioned him about this nor any of his nefarious and questionable relationships—- of which there were MANY!!!!
Just what in the hell did you expect from him?  How could anyone have ever bought into his ‘Hope & Change’ BS?
He was GROOMED for this moment by Powers that we Confederates have told you EXIST and YOU allowed them to castigate us with names such as racist, rednecks and yahoo’s simply because it was easier to look the other way rather than to listen to what we were saying and research that which we claimed for yourself.
……..and, as that Lady of so many, many years ago asked of Benjamin Franklin outside Philadelphia Hall….." Doctor Franklin- what have you given us?……. to wit, he replied:
"A Republic Madam, a Republic……providing YOU can keep it.!"
When the South Lost, so Too did this Entire Country…..but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!
I can only Hope and Pray that Y’all are beginning to Connect Those Many Dots that we have asked y’all to… maybe we can just save ourselves & survive in the bargain! 
ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent  Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration and Reseating of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate Republic of Sovereign States.
PS- There is still time, providing you take a stand and join us.