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RE: No Graduation Walk For Confederate Flag-Wavers

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: This is a microcosm of the mess we’re in under today’s yankee thought police.

My fellow baby boomers will remember the allegorical TV series "The Prisoner" from the 1960s. A former spy is captured and permanently taken prisoner in a village whose name was never told. Its population is like the cheery, air-headed folk of most any town — they refuse to discuss anything that matters or free themselves from their picturesque, comfortable captivity. Our hero learns that nobody has a name here, only a number, and that he is #6. The authorities, who refuse to identify themselves, are driven by one fanatical bureaucratic craving in their treatment of the hero: to to get him to tell them why he resigned his intelligence post. Every time he tries to escape, the rulers’ technology kicks in and physically stops him. Series star and creator Patrick McGoohan explains: "It was a place that is trying to destroy the individual by every means possible; trying to break his spirit, so that he accepts that he is 6 and will live there happily as 6 for ever after. And this is the one rebel that they can’t break."

And that, dear friends, is not only a figure for not only the fossilized power structure of Britain but of the yankee fedgov and its brain-dead lackeys everywhere. Every time the rulers of the unnamed Village in "The Prisoner" perceived that #6 was making a run for it, they merely had to call "ORANGE ALERT" into a microphone, and a huge blob of pulsating plastic would be released from under the sea, fly to where #6 was, and smother him. This is a brilliant figure for how the powercrats keep the sheeple stupid and spineless — but today they don’t need such a device, they’ve simply brainwashed those in power everywhere to smother anybody who dares to show an instinct for free thought.

In this case and too many others, it’s youths whom schools have failed to housebreak where Southern values are concerned. Whenever a clash occurs between educrats and kids over the rebel flag, the media AUTOMATICALLY kick in with a cry of ORANGE ALERT — ORANGE ALERT — and the plastic blobs serving as principals and teachers jump the youths in question, giving them all of the Soviet-style persecution that conditions in the USSA (sic) presently allow. The educrats know that if they don’t do it, the media OR THEIR OWN SUPERIORS are going to put the fascist burn on THEM — a chain of command of political terror finely tuned to bring about the "new" world order by mechanically engineering the attitudes of all concerned.

The PRE-EMPTIVE nature of the system is key — the very meaning of housebreaking a pet or patterning a herd of cattle by encircling them with a barbed-wire fence. The alpha beasts only need to brush up against the barbs once in order to perpetually pattern the rest to stay in the comfort zone. And I hate to say it, but the yankee fedgov’s system of perpetual, putatively pre-emptive war is simply another device by which they trump independent-mindedness among Southerners and all who hate them. Our movement lost half its momentum on 9/11 — ahhhh, we’re all AMURRICANS now! United we stand!!!!

"Terror" is the centerpiece of the program, but the real, unnamed terror is the yankee fedgov itself, its victims the American sheeple who simply stumble from one strategic Big Lie to another now.

The long-sought WMDs are nonexistent and irrelevant, but "TERRORISTS" are going to strike us at any moment FROM ANYWHERE, we’re told, unless (1) we sacrifice numberless thousands to the war god in the oil-rich Arab lands across the rest of time; AND (2) all AMERICANS submit to electronic strip searches at airports, trashing their toothpaste, lipstick and other toiletries on the way to the flight terminal; AND (3) a zero-tolerance policy is accepted nationwide, in which any child caught DOODLING A PICTURE of a gun is treated as a terrorist suspect.

The sheeple live PRE-EMPTIVELY now….. or more precisely in a pre-emptive, paranoid, stupid-idiot MATRIX of Pavlovian psychosis. Naturally dovetailing into this structure is the doctrine that (per the current story from the People’s Republic of Minnow Soda) the C-flag must be suppressed in schools because of its supposed POTENTIAL for causing trouble/offense. Once upon a time you had to actually harm someone to be punished — now (cf. the Guantanamo gulag driven by the TERROR meme) you merely need to show certain forms of harmless and healthy but "politically incorrect" behavior to be apprehended.

How tragically fitting that this story comes out of greater Minneapolis, the source of much of the communist bilge spewing forth from "public" radio!

How tragic that we, the people, are not accustomed to routinely suing those who tread on us. These kids (or their parents) could write their own suits and wreak havoc on their tormentors without lawyers if they wanted to — it’s easier than most might think. Absent that culture of legal self-defense across the land, the kids could have tried calling in the ACLU — they’re the enemy too, but they do a certain amount of good work for window dressing.