No hate crime charges over Confederate flag at BBQ joint
By Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun

TORONTO – The owner of a controversial Hamilton southern barbecue restaurant says despite threats from local activists, he has not been charged with a hate crime for displaying the Confederate battle flag.

Cameron Bailey told the Toronto Sun Friday that city police have not notified him of any charges despite representatives of Hamilton’s Community Coalition Against Racism saying they would ask the service to do so.

In a statement to the CBC earlier this week, the group said they wanted Bailey charged with a hate crime for putting the flag on his Hillbilly Heaven sign.

“They’re just a big bunch of talk,” Bailey said. “They make a bunch of noise, get in the paper.”

He has had no contact with the group, he said.

“If I’m guilty of anything it’s first-degree hog slaughter and accessory after the fact,” Bailey said.

Any complaint would be a waste of police resources, he said. The flag that has caused all the controversy will stay up.

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