T.E. Compton – Editor-n-Chief
13 May 2004

Hannah Ingram was a gifted singer who, without a doubt, was on her way to breaking into the music industry and quite possibly would have become a major performer. But it was not to be. Last week young Hannah, the daughter of LoS members Mr and Mrs. Thomas Ingram of Cedartown, Georgia, tragically lost her life in an automobile accident.

This week at Hannah’s school her fellow classmates decided to honor her by decorating their cars and trucks with Confederate flags. To your editor’s way of thinking this was a lovely and natural thing for her friends to do in view of the fact that the Ingram family is well known for their pro-Dixie stand.

Apparently, Cedartown High School Principal John Toland did not agree. According to sources we are in communication with Mr. Toland made an announcement over the school intercom that if the flags were not removed from the vehicles they would be towed away and impounded. The following day students at CHS responded by returning to school with flags in the back glasses of their automobiles with "In Loving memory of H.E.I." (referring to Hannah Ingram) written on the glass below. We do not know how Principal Toland responded (if at all) to this gesture by the students.

In view of this outrage DixieInternet.Com has decided to post an email sent out by Georgia League of the South Chairman Ray McBerry below. We hope our readers will read this message and take Mr. McBerry’s advice.


Hannah’s daddy, Thomas, has now spoken with the principal and given him a tape of Pastor John Weaver’s message on the true meaning of the Confederate battle flag. After initially telling Thomas that he would allow the boys to fly the flags in Hannah’s honour, it appears that he has redoubled his efforts to ban the flags.

I will not tell you all what to do in this regard… but one can only imagine the difficulties that would beset the principal if the school were deluged by calls from League members all over the South on Thursday and Friday of this week. Remember, if you call, be polite but emphatic that the ban on Confederate flags and t-shirts must be removed.

The young men involved have promised to contact Thomas to let him know of what happens in the next few days; and Thomas will be collecting their names, phone numbers, and finding out if their respective parents will support an organised effort to overturn the school’s ban. It is possible that Thomas will be arranging a meeting for us with the school principal next week, if the problem is not resolved in the appropriate manner.

Keep the Ingrams in your prayers; Thomas is planning on attending all or part of our state LOS meeting near Cartersville this Saturday, so plan to attend and let him know that you appreciate Hannah’s stand and testimony — she apparently made quite an impact for Christ and for the Southern Cause in her school!

Other state chairmen, please forward this to your lists as you see fit.

Ray McBerry, Chairman
Georgia League of the South

Contact Information:

Cedartown High School
John Toland – Principal
167 Frank Lott Dr.
Cedartown, GA. 30125
Phone:(770) 748-0490
Email Principal at jtoland@polk.k12.ga.us

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