There’s No End to Doing Good…A Follow-Up on the 5th Grade Project
Dear Chuck and All,
First off, thanks (yet again) to Woody Highsmith for his most excellent saying, "There’s no end to doing good"… priceless words!
Tonight, T and I attended the WBTS "living wax museum" which I wrote about earlier, at the Bridgeport Grade School.  I must say, it was a packed house, with several shirts in the attending crowd sporting the Battle Flag design in one configuration or another.
The 5th Grade students looked great in their WBTS outfits.  It brought tears to my eyes seeing young girls in dresses Mayme once wore.  Looking at her now (taller than I), it’s hard to believe she’s grown up so very much since I started making period dresses.  "Marse Robert" was in complete character… subdued, most gentleman-like and with an overall air of pleasantness.  He didn’t have a clue who we were until T said "You like wearing my hat?  Do the boots fit OK?” and his reply was a whispered…"they’re a bit big".  Varina Davis was stunning to say the least, and the ballgown turned out to be a perfect fit.  The picture of a true Southern lady.  Rose O’Neal Greenhow was a bit late to the event, but carried her skirts very well in her rush to her appointed spot.  Belle Boyd, in the cotton day dress, was seated in a chair, perched on the edge, with a nice straight back, and gloved hands folded in her lap.  They made us both most proud…and they were an excellent representation of gentile Southern folk of the period.  The parents of the children we helped with their outfits thanked us both repeatedly for our help with the project.  I can speak for T on this one and say, "It was a labor of love".
T presented a book called "The Complete Photographic History of the (sic) Civil War", three volumes in one book, to the Character Education teacher, to be put into the school’s library for future reference to students.  He thanked her for her un-bigoted and un-biased representation of the Confederacy.  She accepted the gift most graciously.  In the front, I wrote, "Donated to the Bridgeport Grade School by Terry Warren, Heritage Officer, Capt. James Knox "Seaboard Guards" Camp 2022, Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and wife Pamela and daughter Mayme, May 14, 2009"….just so they know and remember.  LOL
In today’s weekly edition of the Bridgeport Leader, was a photo taken last Friday, and I almost didn’t notice, as it seemed so natural to me, but there behind the children photographed at the auditions was a huge Battle Flag, and front and center was "our" Marse Robert!  Sure can’t say the South wasn’t fairly represented in this project!
In closing, I will say, no one wants to live out their days in the South more than the Warren Family, but then, who would carry on the work up here if we were to migrate south of enemy lines?  We pray someone will.
Thanks Y’all and Blessings Galore,
Pamela Warren