No Apologies – No Way!



Apologies for Trash Talk?

Mr. McAllister,

I truly enjoyed reading your story. I get the impression that you folks at the Richmond Times “Disgrace” are really irked – not just by Hargrove’s refusal to knuckle under to race-baiters, not only because he spoke the truth as it REALLY is and not how some people wish it was, but because so many people have sent him hearty congratulations and seem willing to elect him Emperor-For-Life!

It’s times like this when I can sit back and smile, because I see that people like you, and Mr. Williams, and all the other pompous clowns at the “Disgrace” get to see that the world is not at all like the one you try to paint on a daily basis. You people have the platform – you have the microphone – when you speak a lot of people HAVE TO LISTEN. You are the media. But every once in a while, someone like Hargrove speaks up and tells people like you, like the posturing representative from Alexandria who objected to the analogy of Jews apologizing for killing Christ and like the instigator of this travesty, Mr. McEachin, to put it where the sun don’t shine – and then refuses to recant or do a mea culpa for it. Good for him! If he runs for president in 2008 I’ll happily vote for him. Meantime, I’m having fun watching all of you hyperventilate. Face it, y’all are irked BIG TIME that so many of us have sent Mr. Hargrove hearty congratulations. The people have spoken and have put a big hole in that fantasy world of yours. The world is really not like the one you try to paint for your readers on a daily basis! Get yourself a paper bag, breathe slowly into it, and….GET OVER IT!

Mr. Englin took advantage of what he thought was a political opportunity to do some posturing – OH LOOK AT ME, PITY ME, OH BOO HOO, I’M SO HURT…. blah blah blah. And Hargrove put him in his place. Good for Hargrove. The absurdity of apologizing for slavery DOES rank right up there with many other absurdities – one of which IS having the Jews apologize for killing Christ. Hargrove’s point was well taken.

And as far as an apology for slavery is concerned I think Mr. McEachin should give thanks that he’s here and not in that third world armpit they call Africa. If someone in his distant past had not survived a trip across the Atlantic in the hole of a slave ship then he would most likely be sitting in a mud hut, wearing a loin cloth, and trying to figure out how he’s going to eat after having his hands chopped off by the latest bunch of “rebels” to pillage his village. Maybe instead of demanding apologies for something he has never experienced, he should instead give thanks that someone in his past was able to survive a trip across the Atlantic in the hole of a slave ship and produce a line of progeny which eventually led to him. And if he can’t do that, then he and his kind should please it down, shut up, and give the rest of us a break – because we are NOT going to apologize!

I am Italian by descent. My ancestors (the Romans), were masters at conquering other peoples, at smashing the opposition, and at enslaving others. Am I planning a trip to the Mediterranean area to apologize to the descendents of all the indigenous peoples my ancestors conquered and enslaved? Not on your life. Such was the way of life at that time – it was standard operating procedure – period, end of sentence. They’ll just have to GET OVER IT!

It is amazing to see how more and more people, most likely people who smell reparations $$$, are more and more demanding that America apologize for slavery. I don’t hear any such demands concerning China, which has millions of slave bodies buried under its Great Wall, or demands that African tribes apologize for having sold their African brethren, first to Moslems in the North, then later to Europeans, and still later to Americans. Where are the apologies from the people of the Dahomey and the Ashante Mr. McAllister?

And why is it that those people who demand apologies and reparations from white America today for slavery of the past, are so quick to ignore slavery where it exists today? (which, by the way, is in AFRICA!?)
Why is that Mr. McAllister? Could it be, as Thomas Sowell once said, that “slavery of the past is remunerable for reparations in the present?”

I for one would love to know why it is America which must apologize for having practiced something that everyone else in the world has practiced at one time or another. Actually, I was speaking rhetorically. I know why it is:

Keep writing those op/ed pieces – you, Williams, all of you. I’m having a great time watching y’all hyperventilate!

“No Apologies, No Reparations – and there’s nothing to get over – because you never experienced it”

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)

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