No Aplogies to lyin’ yankees

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To my Southron Brothers and Sisters,
I try not to waste much of PoP’s space or y’alls time these days.

To some  here, I am sure that it is a blessin’.

To those who write me at home wondering why?? …… I will say "I prefer to be a devout Copperhead (2nd best thing to bein’ Southon ) and I will keep that card close to my chest………"

With all the BS goin on in the world right now, I see dark days ahead like most everyone else  does…..  Some anticipate darker days than others….(especially the smart ones)

So that being said……….I would like to announce that at this time I have a song being reviewed by Pam Tillis, as well as Trisha Yearwood. Both Southern ladies, and people that I admire.

Also, just learned that I have one song, about 2 years old, being considered for a major label release……..(by another artist. but at this point in my life who cares, the ego is very small these days). I still penned the lyrics and wrote the music… the copyright is filed and in my name………Having said all that……. Pam and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this past Sat……. we did so by performing together  (just us)………… and I thought it was great, seemed the folks in the audience did as well…….. short gig……. long on praise.

 So for those who think I have sold out to the Trashville scene….. think what ya want….to those who know me and mine for real…. thanks for standing by us all the hard years…….. things are lookin up……..
Here are the lyrics to a new one……… those that think I sold out……. put this in your pipe and smoke it !!!!!!!

"With No Apologies to yankees" 

Copyright T Warren  BMI.  red dirt and redskin music

Who are you … tell me to apologize ?????

You wrote the history through your lyin’ eyes

When the truth comes out as truth always does

God will see the record written as it really was…..

With no filler or fluff, nor lies covered up

just plain and simple truth shall be taught

In the end all will come out, an’ you will realize,

That it is you and yours that need to apologize


Jesus is the bread of life

Without him we are toast

I give him praise and ask

He smite down your every boast……

For decades you have beatin’ us down

Like wheat unto fractured chaff

But soon comes the day when

It shall be our well-earned turn to laugh

So you can either enjoy it while you can,

Or change your ways and pray for the best,

For the time is surely comin’ to the end

Of your lyin’ hate filled Yankee myths……this I know


Jesus is the bread of life

Without him we are toast

I give him praise and ask that
He smite down your every boast……

In conclusion, I would also like to share that a song I wrote from the personal history of the Pippen Family (courtesy War Room poster BrockTownsend) has made it to itunes with considerable success, and is being submitted as part of the soundtrack to upcoming new movie "Rebel Private"……..along with Pam’s portfolio of WBTS period clothing.

Final words………those who have believed in us:  we can never pay the debt owed.  To those who don’t…….who cares?

T Warren
Heritage Officer Camp 2022, Georgia Division, SCV
Copperhead/Musician/Songwriter/Activist/Member three American Indian Warrior Societies/Nashville Independent Music Artist, and a thorn in many a yankee boy’s side.

©1995-2008 SWR, SHNV &

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