Next phase on counter attack on Ga Power
Most all of us are well aware of the MAJOR Heritage Violation that has taken place at Plant Wansley in Heard County earlier this month, and most everyone has heeded the call and have shot off angry communications to people in Plant Wansley, Georgia Power, and Southern Company. This is what caused Ga Power to replace the Flags. -THIS NEEDS TO CONTINUE!
But there comes a time where all we do is reach the same people and they become a blocking filter to all other personal and it keeps exposure to a minimum.


I call upon ALL FLAGGERS, and those angry at the CRIMES that were committed by Ga Power against our Confederate ancestors to pick your targets in the 1st ever Multi-State Flagging. Instead of having Flaggers travel to Plant Wansley gates, who are very much aware of the situation, You have in your local communities a Georgia Power office, an Alabama Power office, or a Mississippi Power office, as well as maintenance barns – all of which fall under the umbrella of Southern Company. (if any are aware of other related businesses, include them)
Travel to one or more of these local places in your community and set up shop.
This will increase the public’s as well as employees knowledge (how many real Southerners work for this conglomerate?) and may end up in your local media as well.
To refresh your mind on the events read these links, and make copies of the applicable laws that were violated. While the flags are back on a ‘temp’ basis, this is not any kind of permanent solution, PLUS the CRIMES are still unresolved and need to be prosecuted. GRAB y’all’s flags and make your signs – show up outside a Southern Company interest, (Uniforms are a PLUS) and give ’em double canister!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great idea here. Anything to up the ante, as the goal is to not deal with just this specific situation, but the corporate policy that if someone is ‘offended’ then that gives the corp the right to trample on the politically incorrect sacrifice target.
We should always be targeting the actual policy itself, and how it is a fraud, which if the companies insist on, then they will have to pay the PR freight. But there will be no PR freight is local orgs and groups cannot be brought into the opposition with us. This is why local org liaison work is so critical. Even having individual churches come out…that makes it a whole new game for the Power company PR boys…to hide behind their smokescreen of ‘we are just combating hate’ scam.
The high point of this strategy was the big Governor’s rally we did when he was hosting the AIPAC crooks, and the New Black Panthers were there. Remember how we were like five or six different groups, and the media reported as such. And I was going me USS Liberty attack event that weekend.
That was about as good as it gets. I still have the footage that Scott Young shot…with Tim Pilgrim going head to head with Mr. "I’m in love with myself’…and then my prayers were answered when he came over and laid the Panther routine on me. What a wonderful day.
Flagging is not an end all here. What we need is flagger ambassadors to bring other folks out. And we get a double bonus there as that is where all the recruiting comes from. So it’s a win win for the time input.
What I would suggest is ‘dual teams’. You have your flagger crews, but then a double force that concentrate solely on contacting other orgs and groups to brief them on the history of the problem and how it also affects them…or they will have no incentive to support.
We have a similar situation at VeteransToday with a multi year Sunday protest of the looting of the multi billion dollar Veterans Administration land grant that is supposed to be for homeless veterans, but has been looted for ‘amenities’ for rich folks living around the area. Of course the politicians have helped in the looting. The effort is stalled because even even the major Vet orgs don’t want to piss of their Congressman and all. They get conned with the old ‘it will hurt your current vet legislation you have pending if you bug the powers that be on this.’
VA security cops have actually arrested the Vet protestors.
I share this with you not as a diversion but because it is a common problem that all the groups share…bringing in support from outside the group when you really need it. It is not an easy thing to do.