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News Videos

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News Videos

We will post video clips here of news items related to Southern Heritage. You will need Microsoft Media Player to view them. (The clip size is shown in parentheses.)

Judge Napolitano On Liberty, Lincoln & Public Miseducation

DIXIE – This Is My Flag

The Empire Is Dying, Long Live Dixie

Uniting Southron Patriots

The Flag Man Of The South
H.K. Edgerton’s March to Washington D.C.

Battle Of Chickamauga 2008

Tampa SCV Confederate Flag-Largest in the World

Passing Of The Last Civil War Vet

Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony – Jacksonville, Florida

South Carolina Confederate Flag Demonstration

The Hazzards Of White Guilt

Confederate Memory Loss

Beautiful Dixie

Why Enemies Of Liberty Love Lincoln

Sons Of Confederate Veterans

Rep. Ron Paul For President

Ron Paul For President

Civil War – Setting The Record Straight, Part 3

Civil War – Setting The Record Straight, Part 4

Civil War – Setting The Record Straight, Part 5

Civil War – Setting The Record Straight, Part 6

Civil War – Setting The Record Straight, Part 7

Civil War – Setting The Record Straight, Part 8

Waking Up Dixie

Interview With Ray McBerry (Broadband)

Interview With Ray McBerry (Dial-Up)

What Is Real State’s Rights?

God, Give Us One More Victory

Burlington VA Secessionist Convention – Press Conference

Thomas Moore – Burlington VT Secessionist Convention

No Apologies For Slavery, By The Southern Avenger

Red, White and Blue

Heart Of The Confederacy, 1937

H.K. Edgerton’s Trip To Virginia
Promo of H.K. Edgerton’s visit to Amherst County High School in Virginia, April 21, 2006. (0.91 mb)

Confederate Pride
(This link opens in a new window)

Cherokee High School
A clip from Fox News about the banning of Confederate symbols at Cherokee High School in Canton, Ga. (1.6 mb)

More Cherokee High School
This time from CNN. ( 0.35 mb)

Now You’ve Got Yourself a Fight
Robert Lloyd responds, in song, to efforts aimed at removing Southern Heritage symbols and free speech. (5.73 mb)

The Big Story – Mall closings in Alabama
An informative clip from WAAY-31 in Huntsville about an effort to end all Dixie Outfitters sales in Alabama. (3.89 mb)


About the Author:

Rhett Barber is President, Artist and Programmer at Dixie Outfitters. A country boy, now 40 years old, grew up working and building the finest line of Southern Heritage Apparel the world has ever seen. Long live Dixie! I <3 }-K