News for SCV members
For well over a week now, we have been fully engaged, nonstop, combating the recent smearing of the SCV in the big money media. I am pleased to be able to update each of you, my compatriots, with this important posting and relative pertinent background.
As you all are probably aware, during a recent speech by President Obama, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted out, "You Lie" and predictably a fire storm erupted. In the days following, Maureen Dowd, the left-wing bomb thrower at the NY Times, wrote a column stating that Rep. Wilson did this because he is a racist. What did she offer as proof? In her own words, "The congressman, we learned, belonged to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, led a 2000 campaign to keep the Confederate flag waving above South Carolina’s state Capitol " On top of that, she included, "But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy! "
To further attempt making her false point, she dragged up the trash the SPLC wrote about us some 5 to 7 years ago. This column was mentioned on one of the shows on MSNBC. To set the record straight, we sent out a press release to all major media outlets. That release can be read on the SCV blog. Fortunately, our release was picked by several news search engines. I made the attempt to get myself or some other SCV spokesman on one of the MSNBC shows, but was not successful. Soon after, it was twice mentioned on Fox. First on the Morning Show, at which time, I immediately sent an email rebuking this statement and requested the opportunity to rebut. Sadly, they did not respond. Probably the most egregious was when Juan Williams cited the NY Times column on the O’Reilly Factor. I immediately sent an email to the show explaining the absolute injustice, and pointed out if they wanted to be fair, they should at the very least read my letter or allow someone on the show to speak for us. Again, no response, therefore, I directed the Chairman of our PR and Media team, Jeff Davis, to call the producers of the show to make our case. They were non-compliant. No wonder, we have since found a You Tube video of Bill O’Reilly denigrating the Confederacy and the Flag.
Of course the far left blog went wild, each repeating the charge and adding their own embellishment. I, and a few others, have spent countless hours on these blogs refuting this claim and getting our message on their sites. I was pleased to find that some of our posting has been picked up by various search engines. We continue to fight this trench warfare.
The big money media is not interested in what we have to say. In fact they probably wish to suppress it. We have only had one inquiry from any media source, CBS; they wanted to know if in fact Joe Wilson was a member. Our staff told them that our member data base is not public record and it was none of their business.
So what now? Unable to get any traction with the big money media, we have decided to go around them to citizens who would be receptive to our message. Last Tuesday we began working with a professional political PR firm based in DC. Our presentation through them will be rolling out today or the next day. I will post details to that as soon as it is out.
Myself and members of the staff have been on this, working every viable angle constantly. Those who have seen these lies, for the most part, hate us anyway. Yet still there are many who have seen them and do not believe them because of the source; good for them. We will do our best to reach those who were unaware of us and who might be supportive through the latest initiative.
I ask that you all keep the SCV and those in the trenches in your prayers.
Deo Vindice
Chuck McMichael