Southern heritage plus "something for everybody" offered at store

July 4, 2009
Mike Wilder

One of Burlington’s newest stores sells Confederate-flag flip flops, merchandise proclaiming "The South Will Rise Again" and items celebrating everything from the military and hunting to pit bulls and motorcycle riding.

J.R. Faircloth opened Dixie Outfitters, a Southern heritage store, in June at 2379 Corporation Parkway in Burlington Outlet Village.

The store is part of a chain that has a Web site at Based in Georgia, Dixie Outfitters has 12 stores in the Southeast. The Burlington store is its first in North Carolina.

People can choose from a wall-full of prints designed to go on T-shirts or, if they prefer, can be framed. One features a Confederate battle flag and the words "Fighting terrorism since 1861."

Others make no reference to the former Confederacy and focus instead on deer hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. One print pays tribute to the late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. It includes a number 3 and the words "World’s Greatest Race-Car Driver."

This way, Faircloth said, "there’s something for everybody,’ whether their interest is Southern heritage or hobbies common in the South.

He sees the store as unique in the context of local shopping, saying it offers for less money items similar to what people can buy at the beach.

Faircloth also holds the franchise for Guilford County and says if the Burlington store does well, he hopes to open one in Greensboro.

Faircloth grew up in Georgia and, after moving to North Carolina, was a captain for the Durham Fire Department. He’s gone into business on his own before, cleaning chimneys, but this is his first retail venture.

For now, the business is purely a family operation. His fiancée and sons and their girlfriends are helping out, along with Faircloth’s granddaughter. The younger of his two sons just returned from Iraq, where he was a contract firefighter.

Faircloth says the business has been well received.

"I’m big on keeping Southern heritage alive," he said, but he doesn’t try to push his views on people. He suggests people read history and decide for themselves.

"Everybody has their own personal opinion," he said.

The store’s hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 to 6 p.m. on Sunday. The phone number is (336) 226-0733.

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