New Zealand


Here is a copy of the letter I wrote the holier than thou dude in New Zealand.

Of approximately 10 to 12 million slaves sent to the Western Hemisphere over a 200 yr period only about 700,000 were sent to what is now the U.S. The remainder went either to the Caribbean or Brazil. The first western slave trade was started by the Spanish and Portuguese. The Spanish colonies were importing slaves before the English colonies even existed. When Great Britain got in on the slave trade they went to war with Spain to retain the right to sell slaves to the Spanish Colonies. Massachusetts which is a northern state was the first colony to legalize slavery. The first lifetime black slave in Jamestown Virginia was owned by a black man. See Anthony Johnson and John Casar or John Punch. A couple of white brothers tried to help him. If you want to do a little preaching on how someone’s big mouth can cause other races to be attacked and killed check out good old Al Sharpton who caused some folks to be killed because of his racist diatribe. In the south 25% of freed slaves owned slaves of their own and not always family members. Some of the largest slave owners were black and some even ran their own slave breeding business. If Jessie Jackson had lived at that time and had been free I don’t doubt at all that he would have owned his share of slaves. This big deal about the KKK is a bunch of crock. They have very few members and most of them are yankees. The headquarters of the KKK is in Indiana and the grand Wizard is from Ohio. So get off your high horse if you’re a British descendent your ancestors were just as responsible for slavery as mine were or perhaps more so since my ancestors only bought what your ancestors were selling. By the way Obama is descended from Slave Owners not from slaves as his father was from Africa and his mother was white. I happen to be related to him as is Dick Cheney, Harry Truman, Robert Duvall and plenty of other white folks.

Also slavery didn’t end in Brazil until 1888 and is still legal in many parts of Africa. The only reason these things are ignored is it would take away from the victim status of America’s blacks.