New Youtube Videos


Hello Fellow Southrons,

I think about things like what I have taken for granted from time to time. I realized that I often take for granted the efforts of many of those in the Southern movement. I have often thought about how to thank those who stand up for us publicly and in lesser ways as well and finally I came up  with a simple solution that was within my means to
do: I created three Youtube videos as thanks to all those who work so hard for the rest of us.

First is a slideshow put to Free South Band’s "Toast to Dixie."

The second one is a big thank you for his friendship to T. Warren and the Border Ruffians and is dedicated to all who fought in the Partisan Ranger Corps: "Border Ruffians."

Finally, I set a third one to The Rebelaires’ "For the Cause." It is dedicated especially to everyone who is publicly standing up for the South and her people and diaspora, whether named therein or not.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

Matt McCune
The Dixie Diarist