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The question is one of knowledge. Do you understand the history of our government and right of free people to remove themselves from a government that doesn’t represent them? The constitution states that it must be based on the CONSENT of those governed. When that consent is not given then that government has no right or authority to exercise any control over that people. The south exercised that right – not one Confederate Government Official was ever tried (with the exception of the commandant of the prisoner of war camp). WHY?

Because the federal government KNEW it would lose the case and its whole argument for the war would have been exposed. Also, we of the southern states that seceded have NEVER as a free people voted to rescind our removal from the North. We are an occupied people. NOT a people filled with hate for blacks, or in support of slavery of any kind. The southern leaders knew that slavery was dead – it was self determination that was at stake. Any sane person that truly takes a look at the federal government – and its policies will see that it doesn’t work.

The framework that set up a "workable government" is gone because the power of the individual states is gone. That kept the "big government monster" at bay – now it is plain that without the ability of the states to say NO its power has run amok. WE are living to see the end of this nightmare because it must die of its own dead weight. No armed conflict will need to take place – just wait…. it will fall as all bloated civil governments do. You can already see it coming. The talk of bankruptcy of the federal government has started. We are awash in debt that will never be repaid. If the money goes; so goes the government.

The symbol of the south – the confederate flag is not a racist flag because some racist groups have used it. It is a symbol of resistance to the tyranny of occupation.

Those who curse it, revile it, and put down those who know what it stands for – are just uninformed…and ignorance cannot be argued with; it just needs to be pitied and resisted.

May God Bless Each and Every One of YOU that loves the South and the freedom this country ONCE had and WILL have again!

Happy New Years!


Western Kentucky

Deo Vindice!