New VA Confederate Forum
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I have taken the liberty of building a temporary online Forum specifically dedicated to the Confederate State of Virginia for use as a meeting place for the exchange of ideas and information relevant to the restoration of the CSA and, more specifically, the sovereignty of Virginia and her patriot-citizens.
This forum’s location and format are subject to change, though I hope not too terribly.  This started as a project to replace another forum and it was decided that my devices were not necessarily along the lines of what they were looking for.  Rather than scrap the board entirely I have decided to dedicate it to VA sovereignty issues and it will hopefully become a permanent addition to the VA State web site, currently under construction.
This will be the only notification of this forum’s release.  Anyone who received this message and wishes not to receive additional messages, please let me know and I will delete your address from my list of contacts.

Deo Vindice,
Travis Fox
Chairman, Virginia Constitutional Convention
State Registrar, Confederate States of America