New strategy
Ms. Protopapas,
I continually find myself writing letters to PBS, the Atlanta-Journal, Ken Burns, and other authors who take liberties with the truth.  You are right.  It is frustrating to always be reacting to their lies, and we need to fire the first shot (metaphorically speaking) when we can.  I did attend a roundtable discussion on Lincoln at the local PBS station and asked a question that neither of their "scholars" could answer.  As good as that made me feel, it is still reacting to someone else’s lies. 
With the approaching Sesquicentennial we are facing an unprecedented assault on Southern heritage.  I do not have a vision of how to engage these revisionist historians and put them on the defensive but hope someone can come up with an idea.  If we don’t do it, they will have four years to preach to boobus americanus about how evil our ancestors were.
Joe Jordan