Dear Chuck and All,

Greetings from Mole Church, where things have not exactly been all that great of late, following the theft of our flags. It seemed to be terrible timing that the awards ceremony for the Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage Music Awards were to be announced last night. T and I had been fighting bouts of rage all day over the situation, and we just weren’t in the best of moods. T made the comment to me as the program began, that he just didn’t think he was gonna win anything. “I just don’t feel it in my guts”, was his explanation. I tried to convince him that he would win an award before the night was over, but deep down, I don’t know which of us I was trying to convince. As I said, our luck had definitely taken a turn for the worse.

Ray McBerry did his best “straight guy” to Terry Compton’s “hillbilly hijinks”, and before I knew it, T and I were laughing despite ourselves. (Thanks Brothers Ray and TC for lifting our spirits!) To “cut to the chase”, I’m most happy to say that T won the “Southern Mainstream Artist” category. I literally watched as the ‘black cloud of doom’ lifted from his shoulders! The rest of the evening was spent listening to the results of the voting, and enjoying the various artists who were in the running for awards. When the last category was announced, Border Ruffians had won 2nd for New Album of the Year, 3rd for Single of the Year, and 3rd for Group of the Year. T got 2nd in Male Artist, and the Copperhead band took home 5th place in Single of the Year (their debut project). All in all it was a great evening.

But, I’m saving the best for last. Ray McBerry announced that he was going to name the winner of the President’s Award. It’s an award given to an artist whose music furthers the Southern Cause, and whose works in the Cause are most commendable. I saw a glimmer of hope rise in T’s eyes, and for all my hoping that he had a chance, I was afraid it was to be yet another disappointment for him………the last thing he needed. Then as Ray continued speaking about the winner (still having not given the name), and describing the work done and the sacrifices made, it was starting to sound more and more like he was talking about T. When Ray said “behind enemy lines”, I knew he was talking about my husband! It was the most wonderful thing, to look across the table and see life once again beaming from T’s eyes. I saw the eyes of a child on Christmas morning embedded in this 50+ year old man’s face! I gave my best Rebel yell just before the tears of joy ran down my face. I’ve always been proud of T, from his Indian activism, to his work in the Southern Movement, his music, and just “him” in general. But I was just about to pop wide open last night! I do hope Ray is reading this, because I want to thank him for making my husband’s day, week, month, year and possibly lifetime!

I wish to congratulate all of last night’s nominees and winners. From what I heard last night, y’all are winners, for sure. Keep up the great work! Thanks to each and every one of the Border Ruffians and Copperheads……….we love you guys. Thanks to Ray McBerry and Terry Compton for all their hard work at WDXB, and thank you to Dewey Barber and the Dixie Outfitters family for sponsoring both the radio station, and the awards competition.

Music is a great ambassador……if a catchy tune gets someone’s attention, they might actually take the time to listen to what the words are saying! And all of us in the Southern Movement have a lot to say that needs to be heard, and taken to heart.

Warmest Regards,

Pamela Warren
Proud Wife Behind Enemy Lines