The never-ending yankee/fedgov war on Dixie
Two "random" issues have again polluted my inbox that further indict the Permanent Regime in Washington and the millions of fools who love its bullying, plutocratic, South-hating totalitarianism.
One is well familiar to all — the Gulf of Mexico crisis. America’s Chernobyl. The post-Katrina treason revisited. Its implications in the War in question should be obvious: the South is a maritime country and (indeed as with the post-Katrina treason) the District of Corruption is not merely indifferent and sluggish re its well-being, I say it actively abets catastrophes without letup on us. Katrina didn’t ruin New Orleans — it’s well-documented that decades of criminal neglect by fed-friendly scalawag politicians and the Army Corps of Engineers did.
The other item is a subtle killer of souls and bodies, unnoticed by most people, which also just happens to drastically impact Southern working folks. Buried in the following brilliant, depressing video is a statement that import mania is wrecking the Southern seafood industry. Beyond that it cures me of ever again touching seafood of whose history I can’t be sure until things get straightened out….. somehow, someday.
From: Brasscheck TV –
Subject: Brasscheck TV: What it means to lose the Gulf
Thanks to BP and the White House and Congress. this will be your source of seafood for the next ten to twenty years (or longer.)
What it means that the Gulf of Mexico fishery is being destroyed.