In my anger, frustration and haste in submitting the post regarding Dr. Cornel West, I left out some info of the local nature here in our area. First off, since we moved here in 95, we have heard of the glory and fevor of the 1500 men who enlisted in the service of old ape from this county. Well, Pam got the real scoop on it yesterday. One of the areas leading citizens was talking with Pam at her work. He noticed the collection of the desk sized Confederate flags on her desk?????????..they have been there for years, along side them is a collection of Confederate soldiers miniatures. Well, the gentleman, and that is a proper term for him, as I like him as he was the first individual to employ me when we first moved here years ago. Anyway, he told Pam????? My GG grandfather served the Federal army and enlisted from this county.??? Pam said yes I have heard that 1500+ served in the war from here???. He was most quick to pipe up saying. ???that???s a falsehood, only 2 soldiers served in the war from here, my grandfather was one of them, I have his uniform.??? Pam said well what is the story that everyone is so proud of here of the 1500? He said oh that???s simple. They were home guard, they spent their time burning out the Copperheads in the three surrounding counties.??? (One of those counties was my birth place the Copperhead stronghold of the area then?????) Anyway Pam was most thankful to finally get the true story, and from such a respectable and reliable source.

Now point two???????I was contacted by the editor of one of the local papers here, who is wantin to run a story on the Warren family’s trip through the South last week. It is the same editor who has been so favorable to us in the past considering the fight for the Confederate Memorial here, as well as a front page story on the ???Border Ruffians??? winning the Beacon Music award for single of the year. Well, to get back to the point, an individual connected with the paper as well, was let us say not so pleased that we would be featured. She doesn???t really have a problem with us, other than she thinks we spend too much time and effort on ???A Lost Cause???. Her words not mine. She stated that we should devote our time and energy in a more positive way within the community, than putting up Confederate flags and such. I find this funny, as I volunteer at the local food bank for the less fortunate; I support the Little League Baseball program with financial donations as well as the girls softball program. Pam has always supported the school band, girls track program etc. And both she and Mayme are most active in helping out the less fortunate in the winter with blankets, and clothing for the needy. As well as passin down nice clothes from each of them from time to time to less fortunates.

Mayme is active in church functions as well?????????..are these ???Lost Causes???? I think not?????????.I think they display true Christian Confederate attributes.

Our recent trip through the South did what we had hoped; it rekindled the embers of the flames of Confederate spirit that had slightly burnt out, from so long a fight here and such a long time since we had been South.

That is not the case NOW! We are recharged and reprovisioned, and onward and upward we move.

For the South old and new,