Mr. Sebesta,
I checked the definition of neo-Confederate on Wikipedia.  It appears that I must plead guilty to being a neo-Confederate.  Over the years I have written letters and sent e-mails to Ken  Burns, President Faust of Harvard, The Atlanta History Center, The Ford Theatre Society, and many others when I discovered historical errors in their writings and presentations.  I try to be polite in my remarks but confess to using sarcasm at times.
A few years ago I attended a roundtable discussion on Lincoln sponsored by a local PBS station.  I asked two of America’s most famous Lincoln scholars a simple question.  One never opened his mouth and the other gave a somewhat fatuous answer. 
It seems that a lot of academics aren’t used to being challenged, and when they are, they feel threatened.  I would be happy to send you copies of some of my writings.  You may use them as examples of neo-Confederate challenges to people who don’t tell the truth or who are cherry picking facts to further an agenda.  I am only a high school graduate and would be honored if you would use my material as written.  Please forgive any errors in this e-mail, as I am vision impaired. 
Best regards,
Joe Jordan