Southerners Need To "KnowSouthernHistory"

Jeff Adams-Staff
30 July 2004

“A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about.”

Woodrow Wilson

As we prepare to start another school year, it is imperative that parents, students, and teachers alike start gathering materials and resources they will need to advance the cause of learning. Mind you, there will be those who will strive for, and advocate, the government school’s goal of turning our children into nice, compliant, robotic drones to bow down to the central state. But there will be others who will actually attempt to pass on to another generation true critical thinking abilities, so that they can honestly analyze the world around them, grounded in the ideals that created our Republic.

One thing that is sorely needed is an honest enlightenment of our history. The PC police have so dominated the classrooms of our schools (colleges as well), that fact is stripped away, and in its place is not just fiction but propaganda. All who seek truth should prepare to do battle against those who would fill our children’s heads with mush.

Being from the South, naturally one of the biggest frauds I see being perpetrated concerning the teaching of history in our ‘education establishments’ is the ignoring of positive Southern contributions to our history, and blatant attacks against the South. I find this odd partly because while the government schools focus excessively on self-esteem and trying to make kids feel good about themselves no matter how poorly they do in school, they have no problem browbeating Southern kids about the South and the War for Southern Independence (although they would never use this particular term for that war).

Southern kids need to be properly armed to do battle in the classroom (and it wouldn’t hurt others around America to be properly armed either). There are numerous sources out there that people can access, but there is one in particular I’d like to mention. It is a web site called ‘’

This web site not only provides information itself, but also offers links to literally thousands of resources that can be used in exploring and understanding the South and her history. The site is broken into four major pieces: Biographies of Famous Southerners (it is astounding the contributions Southerners have made to the American scene), Southern Cultural Links (this covers different aspects of Southern culture, including food, music, literature, dance, and art. There’s even an online book on Southern manners), Timeline of Southern history, and Timeline of Southern business & commerce.

Each section presents facts about the South often ignored, or co-opted by historians claiming these things for America as a whole, rather than giving credit where it is due. In addition, the site offers links to research and historical sites, including major Southern Universities and their efforts to explore the South. There are also links to various organizations that are focused on the South (whether it be for historical, cultural or economic reasons). There is a ‘recommended reading’ section that presents a treasure trove of books that tell the various stories of the South.

One section even offers access to articles from journals and newspapers around the country (and even the world) addressing various aspects of the South, its history, its culture and its people. These articles are new and old, providing an endless source for teachers preparing lessons as well as students doing research for papers. is not a site focused on the old Confederacy, but a site examining the ‘broader South,’ as explained in the sections on the site called ‘Purpose,’ ‘Scope,’ and ‘Goal.’ It even breaks down the various Southern states (as defined by the creators of the site), providing links to information unique to those individual states. This site is a tool that should be examined and used this school year by those who want to enhance their educational experience.

I’ve had the opportunity to assist the creators of this site in handling some of the promotions for The people that came together to create this site are a group of well-educated individuals from across the South who saw a need for a tool that would help teachers, as well as students, pursue their educational goals. They seek to present the positives of the South (Lord knows we get enough of the negatives via the media, Hollywood and the PC educrats).

This is a tool that anyone dealing with education can use, and one of the best parts about it is it’s free. You just have to log on to the internet. The folks at have told me that last school year they already had teachers in several states using their site as a source for preparing lessons for their classes. So who wouldn’t want to use a ‘free’ resource for developing material to educate their students?

Another great thing about is the folks who run it are on a never-ending quest for new material to add to the web site. They are continuously looking for new articles, deeper historical facts, and new links to add to what is already on their site. Their goal is to keep the site current and fresh.

It would behoove all those who care about the truth and honest education to take a look at and use it in the classroom this school year. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for individuals to promote this site to teachers and students that they know. Whether as a source for teachers, or given to students as a source for their school work, there is plenty that can be found at that is truly useful and enlightening.

Visit KnowSouthernHistory.Net