Need a speaker in October?  Let’s talk.
Gentlemen and Ladies,
My name is Mark Vogl and I am the Rebel Mountain Story Teller.  God has allowed me the great privilege to speak to many camps, chapters, round tables and other groups across the states of the South.  My presentations are professional in nature, many of them have been developed into chapters in my second book, The Rebel Mountain Reader.
I live in East Texas, and in October I will be driving cross country to see my daughters in Pa., and to make a presentation to a Round Table in northern New Jersey on 16 Oct. 2012.  From there I will be traveling south to Charleston for my 30th Reunion at THE CITADEL!
I am writing to see if your organization might need a speaker?  I have a wide variety of formal presentations and if you contact me through email I can send you a promotional brochure that provide bio information and a list of programs.  I can provide references if necessary.  I just developed "Jackson and the Valley Campaign" which I presented to the Belo Camp in Dallas, Texas.
So if you are east of Texas, and would like to discuss the possibility of my being a speaker for your group in October, or any other time, please don’t hesitate to contact me at   I also invite you to visit my website at
I thank Mr. Demastus for all the work he does to ensure a very wide dissemination of information. 
God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl