The NCAA’s tactic of not allowing events at colleges or in areas where Confederate symbols are used is an attempt to pit your love of sports against your love of your Southern heritage. Which in my opinion is probably illegal. Can you imagine the out cry & barrage of lawsuits that would follow if the NCAA used this tactic against black schools & symbols in an attempt to get them to stop honoring their heritage? As much as I love college football I keep it in its proper perspective. Sports is entertainment, its one teams gladiators vs another teams gladiators where the schools, or in professional sports the owners, make all the money by selling you an overpriced ticket to be entertained by their gladiators. I can live with it or without it. However, I will not sacrifice my God given birth right of who I am or any part of it on the NCAA’s altar of entertainment. If Southerners turned their tickets in & their televisions & radios off for one sports season the NCAA & sports world would quickly reevaluate who it is that butters their bread. We should stop helping to finance our own demise by supporting these events.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama

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