NC man defends confederate clothing lawsuit
By Tonya Brown

Friday, July 31, 2009

A North Carolina man attracted a lot of attention near downtown Florence Friday.

H.K. Edgerton stood outside the federal building in Florence, holding a confederate flag and dressed in the battle uniform. He says he braved the hot weather to show his support for Candice Hardwick.

In 2006, Hardwick was a sophomore when she sued the Latta School District for banning confederate themed clothing. Her case is still pending in federal court.

"It’s just not her culture, it’s our culture too. One of the most important things about this brave young lady is that she’s standing up not just for her white ancestors but for my black ancestors and most of these black folks in South Carolina as well," said H.K. Hardwick.

Several on-lookers took pictures of Edgerton and thanked him for what he was doing.

He says he will continue to support Hardwick and believes she will win her lawsuit.

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