During the War Crimes Trial in Germany after World War II the commission asked the NAZI Generals where they learned "Total War tactics" from and they looked at the tribunal and stated, "We learned it from your General Sherman".

English visitors during the War Between The States (civil war) 1861-1865 stated that "all the honor is with the South". When the Confederate army of Northern Virginia invaded Pennsylvania in June-July 1863 Confederate General Robert E. Lee issued orders that no private homes were to be entered and no private property taken. After the Confederate army retreated after Gettysburg a Northern lady is quoted as saying "I know of nor have I ever heard of any lady being harmed or violated during the time that the Confederate army was in Pennsylvania".

This is in sharp contrast to the terrorist acts of Yankee Generals Sherman in Georgia and Sheridan in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia where the vile depraved Yankees stole, plundered, burned, and raped private citizens. This included both white and black Southerners that were violated and victimized by these Yankee terrorists.

The gross ignorance of writers such as McCormick, who is black, exposes itself when he compares Confederates to Nazi’s. However the behavior of the Yankee terrorists is certainly comparable to the NAZI’s.

The Socialist Marxist Liberal Northern historians have put a "spin" on history and have indoctrinated many Americans to view the Confederates as evil and the Yankees as good.

After the Civil War these Yankee terrorists carried out genocide against the American Indians in the Western states. Yankee General George Armstrong Custer was in the process of attacking an Indian village at Little Big Horn Montana in June 1876 with the intent to murder every Indian including babies in their mothers arms. He received his just reward for terrorism.

When the Yankee terrorist John Brown raided Harpers Ferry Virginia in 1859, the first person he killed was a free black man who tried to fight against him. Prior to Harpers Ferry this terrorist had committed multiple murders in Kansas and had to flee.

The psycopath Sherman, who taught the NAZIS so well, kidnapped about 600 poor women and children from a tent factory in Roswell Georgia and shipped them North where they were forced to work as slave labor in Northern factories.

The Yankees taught the NAZIS well.

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James King
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