Muster roll of unasigned recruits,
1st New Orleans Volunteers,* August 31, 1864.
Courtesy of the Author.

*The 1st New Orleans Volunteers was a white Union regiment organized in March 1864 to defend the Crescent City while Nathaniel P. Banks was away with his army during the Red River Campaign. The 1st New Orleans Volunteers was not part of the Louisiana Native Guards, CSA or USA, and this representation of its muster roll is used here for illustrative purposes only.

* – Name appears on the muster roll of Butler’s 1st Regiment of Native Guards, U.S.A.
# – Name appears on the list of volunteers for Banks’s "Folorn Hope" at Port Hudson.



Abelard, Joseph Sergeant

Achille, Joseph Private

Adam, Ariste Private

Adam, Manuel Private

Adam, Emile Private

Adolphe, Joseph Private

Albrier, Jean not available

Albrier, Patrisse not available

Alcide, Joseph Private

Alcine, Louis Private

Alexis, Joseph Private

Allian, Jean Private

Allougas, Gustave Private

Alpuente, Florian Private

Alagas, Jerome Private

Alvez, Louis not available

Amant, J. Private

Amedae, Archille Private

Andre, Theodore Private

Angelain, G. Private

Angelain, L. Private

Anson, Faustin Private

Antoine, Arthur Corporal

Antoine, Eugene Private

Antoine, Joseph Private

Aquillard, Belcourt Corporal

Armand, Adolphe Private

Armand, J.* Private

Armand, Joseph not available

Armand, Theo Private

Armant, Dieydonne Private

Armstrong, Joseph Private

Arnot, St. Leger Private

Arril, Prosper Private

Ascensio,Joseph Private

Athenor, Ernest* Private

Aubert, Charles Sergeant

Auguste, Joseph# Private

Auguste, Mirtile Private

Auguste, Pierre Private

Auguste, T. Private

Augustin, Adolphe* not available

Augustin, Felix* Private

Augustin, James Corporal

Augustin, Omar Sergeant Major

Auld, J. Private

Aurillion, O. Sergeant

Avril, Estave not available

Avril, Gabriel not available

Avril, Ogerauld not available

Avril, P. Private

Aycard, J. Private

Azemar, Joseph Private

Azemar, V. Private

Bacchus, N.J. Captain

Badie, Oscar Private

Balon, Benjamin Private

Balthazar, Paul Private

Bandui, S. Private

Barjon, Dutreuil Private

Barte, James not available

Barte, Oscar not available

Barthe, A. Private

Barthe, John 1st Lieutenant

Basilique, Alfred Private

Bazanae, Alphonse Private

Bazelique, Alphonse Private

Beaulier, J.B. Corporal

Beauver, Joseph Private

Bebelle, Joseph Private

Bechez, Victor Private

Bedout, G.* Corporal

Belsire, Francois Private

Belaire, Louis Private

Belizaire, Engola Sergeant

Bell, J. Private

Belot. A. Private

Belot, O. Private

Belot, Octave Private

Belot, V. Private

Benjamin, A.* Private

Benjamine, Antoine Private

Benot, Joseph Private

Bercier, Manuel not available

Bercy, Edouard not available

Bernard, Eugene not available

Bernard, J.A. Private

Bernard, Joseph Private

Bernard, Jules Private

Bernard, Louis Private

Bernard, W. Private

Berguier, H. Private

Bertonneau, Arnold 1st Lieutenant

Bertrand, Louis Private

Bertrand, Osevis Private

Bertrand, Pierre not available

Bevrotte, Henry Private

Bezou, Henry Major

Bibi, John Private

Bienvenn, E.M. Private

Bijou, A. Private

Bijou, J.* Private

Bijou P. Private

Bijoux, B. Manuel Private

Bijoux, Leandre Private

Birot, J. Private

Blanche, Ernest Sergeant

Bleach, Ernest Private

Blanc, Henri* Private

Blancan, Bienaime’ not available

Blanchard, Nichols Sergeant

Blanchard, Orther Private

Blasco, Amedee’ Private

Blondin, Charles not available

Bodreaux, Francois Private

Boquille, Ludgere Captain

Boquille, Orther Private

Boquille, Raoul Sergeant Major

Boisdore, Francois Private

Boissiere, J. Private

Bonjeon, J.J. Private

Bonne’, L. Sergeant

Bono, Vincent Private

Bonseigneur, Virgil Captain

Boone, Valsin 1st Lieutenant

Boree, Louis* Private

Bosque, A. Private

Bosque, Theophile Private

Botler, Robert Private

Bourgeau, Alfred* Sergeant

Bourjeau, C. not available

Boustillos, Antoin * Private

Boutin, A. Private

Boutte, E. Private

Boutte, L.* Private

Boutte, Valsin* Private

Bovira, Jean Private

Brael, H. Private

Brana, Lucien Sergeant

Brard, Alfred Private

Bresson, W. Private

Brishom, W. Sergeant

Brion, Bazile* Sergeant Major

Bro, Pierre Private

Broca, Jules Private

Broyerd, Henry Corporal

Butler, C.* Private

Cabal, A. 1st Lieutenant

Cadichon, Joseph Private

Caillole, Jean Private

Cailloux, Andre* 1st Lieutenant

Caliste, Joseph Private

Camille, John Private

Camps, J. Jr Private

Camps, Manuel Private

Candi, Joseph* not available

Candiff, Daniel Private

Canelle, Pierre Sergeant

Canelle, Pierre Jr. Private

Canonge, Zephire 1st Lieutenant

Capla, R.V. Corporal

Carlon, L.J. Private

Carlon, W. Private

Carmouche, Louis not available

Carrere, Etienne* Private

Carrere, Joseph* Private

Carrere, Nereston Private

Carrien, A. Private

Cassnave, G. Private

Casimir, Lucien Private

Cassenave, R.C. Private

Cassino, Antoine not available

Casting, Murville 2nd Lieutenant

Castille, Raymond not available

Caston, Arthur not available

Catey, Francois Private

Castane, Joseph Private

Ceressolle, Octave Private

Charbonnet, D.L. Private

Charland, Antone Private

Charles, Joseph* Private

Charles, Pierre* Private

Charmelle, Numa Private

Chateau, Ulysse Private

Chaumette, Earnest Private

Chauivin, T. Private

Chauivin, J. Private

Chavanne, Francis Private

Chenette, G.J. 1st Sergeant

Chenot, Louis Private

Cheron, John Private

Chesse, A.L. Private

Chesse, G. Private

Cheval, Angelin* Corporal

Cheval, Ludger Private

Chevalier, Alexandre Private

Chevalier, Armand Private

Chelalier, Biennemee not available

Chevalier, Jules Private

Cheven, A. Private

Chezan, Sidney Private

Christophe, Firmint Private

Clavic, O.J.B. Private

Clement, Louis Private

Clement, Pierre Private

Clement, Pierre Private

Coffy, H. Sergeant

Coiron, Stanislas Private

Colas, Raphael Private

Compagnon, J.P.* Private

Constant, G.G. Private

Copel, Eugene Private

Cordier, Pierre Private

Coulon, Jean Private

Coulon, Jules Private

Coulon, Prosper not available

Coucelle, Charles Private

Craig, J. Private

Crocker, D. Private

Dabdeuil, Pierre Private

Dallier, J. Corporal

Daniel, Armand* Sergeant

Daquin, Earnest Private

Danstnque, J* Private

Daunois, C.J. Private

Dauphin, Armand Private

Dauphin, Arthur* Private

Dauphin, P.O. Private

David, Belisaire Private

Davis, E[dgard]* Captain

Davison, ? Private

Decoudraux, Charles not available

Decoudraux, Micheal not available

Decoudreau, A. Private

Decout, Adophe* Sergeant

Decout, Armand Private

Decout, Louis T. Private

Decout, Numa Private

Decout, Seneville Private

Decoux, Charles Private

Dede, Francois Sergeant

Dede, Francois Corporal

Dede, Simphorin B.* Private

Defilho, J.B. Private

Degruo, Eugene not available

Delprit, Louis Private

Demoziliere, Louis* Private

De Passan, Charles Private

Depose, Moise Corporal

Derbigny, Theophile 2nd Lieutenant

Dermise, J. Sergeant

De Salles, Philocles Private

Desborde, Joseph not available

Desdunes, Joseph Private

Deslondes, Alcee Private

Deslondes, Joseph Private

Deslosges, Mortimer Private

Dessale, Joseph Private

Dessalles, Davis Private

Dessalles, Felix Private

Dessalles, Jules Corporal

Devigne, Armand not available

Diaz, J. Private

Dinet, Gustave Private

Dinet, Joseph Private

Dinette, Gustave Private

Dionet, J.M. Corporal

Dirionde, Berthelin Private

Docmini, Nelson Private

Dolhonde, Florville not available

Doliolle, Charles not available

Dolliol, G.N. Private

Dolliol, P.B. Private

Dome, Leon* not available

Domingon, Jules Sergeant

Dominque, L. Private

Donfort, Benit Private

Dorgan, Armand Private

Dorson, Andre Private

D’Orville, A. Private

Dorville, Edmond Private

Doyle, H. Private

Droux, Edmond Private

Duberal, J. Private

Duberque, Virgile not available

Dubois, Etienne Sergeant Major

Dubois, L. Private

Dubuclet, Paular Private

Duclaslange, E. Private

Duclaslange, Eugene Private

DuFaux, Francois not available

Duffau, Joseph Private

Dupresne, Jean* not available

Dugue, Charles# Private

Duhart, Armand 1st Lieutenant

Duhart, P.A. not available

Duluc, Etienne Private

Dunford, T. Private

Dupard, V. Private

Dupart, Etienne Corporal

Dupart, John not available

Dupart, M. Captain

Dupart, M.V. Sergeant

Duplessis E. Private

Duplessis, Micheal Private

Duplessis, Nicolas Private

Dupre, Caliste* Private

Dupre, Felix Corporal

Dupre, Lycien* Private

Dupuis, T.O. 2nd Lieutenant

Duquinez, Louis 2nd Lieutenant

Duques, Eugene not available

Duralde, J. Private

Duralde, Jean Private

Durand, Charles not available

Durand, Jean Private

Durant, Bernard Private

Durel, Nums Private

Durie, George Private

Durive, Jules not available

Durousseau, Felix Private

Duthil, Eugene Private

Dutreuil, P. Private

Duval, C.D. Private

Duvernaz, Jean Private

Edouerd, J. Sergeant

Edourd, Joseph Private

Elf, Homere Private

Erie, Joseph Private

Esclavon, Pierre Private

Esuard, G. Private

Esuard, T. Private

Esquianos, Francis* Private

Esteve, Charles not available

Etienne, Jean Baptiste Private

Etienne, Leon not available

Etienne, Vincent Private

Eugene, Elie Joseph Private

Exavier, Francois* Private

Fagot, Victor Private

Farr, E. Ordnance Sergeant

Farrar, Emile Private

Felix, Joseph* Private

Ferbos, Ulysse Private

Ferbos, Victor Private

Ferroy, G. Private

Fernandez, L.*# Private

Fernandez, O. Private

Fernandez, P. Private

Fernandez, P.O. Corporal

Ferrand, Baptiste Jr. Corporal

Ferrand, Baptiste Sr. Sergeant

Ferrand, Bertheleny not available

Ferrand, Jacques* Private

Ferrand, Joseph Jr.* Private

Ferrand, Joseph II Private

Ferrand, Louis Private

Ferrand, Louis SergeantMjr

Filie, Joseph* Private

Fleming, Jean Private

Fletcher, Jean Corporal

Fleuvy, E. Private

Fleuvy, F. Private

Fondal, Joseph Corporal

Fondal, Pierre not available

Fonentes, Manuel not available

Forestier, Jean Private

Formentine, Alexandre not available

Forneret, Leonaerd Private

Fornerette, ?* Private

Fornerette, A. Private

Fornorette, Charles* not available

Forstall, Emile* Private

Forstall, L. Private

Forstall, R.F. Private

Forton, Henry Private

Fortan, Henry Private

Fortune, L. Private

Fouche, Georges Private

Fouche, Louis N. 1st Lieutenant

Foucher, B Sergeant Major

Fournier, Morthilde* Private

Foy, Octave* 1st Lieutenant

Fraisse, Josep h not available

Francis, Edouard Private

Francis, F.* Private

Francois, J* Private

Francois, Jean Louis* Private

Francois, Joseph Corporal

Francois, Ursin* Private

Fredrick, Leon* Private

Frilot, —- Jr. Private

Frilot, L. Jr. Private

Fuentes, Homer Sergeant

Gabaroche, Eugene Private

Gabriel, Paul Private

Gabriel, Pierre* not available

Gaetan, Charles Private

Gaignerd, Charles not available

Gaillard, Armand Private

Gaillerd, Dominique not available

Galade, Jean Private

Gallatte, Manuel not available

Gallaud, Anatole Private

Galle, Alfred* Private

Galle, D. Corporal

Galle, Dermond Private

Galle, Felix Private

Galle, L* not available

Galleau, T.* Private

Galles, Joseph Private

Garcia, J.B. Private

Garcia, Pierre Private

Gardere, Amedee 2nd Lieutenant

Gardette, A Private

Gardette, Leonce not available

Gasette, J. not available

Gaspard, Joseph Private

Gaspard, Lucien not available

Gaspard, Ph Private

Gaspard, Pierre Private

Gastram, Leopol not available

Gaudet, Louis Private

Gautre, Adolphe Private

Germain, Anatole* Private

Germain, Jean* Private

Gignal, Ellerd Corporal Fourrier

Gilbert, V.* Private

Glapion, C.J.* Private

Glapion, Joseph* Sergeant

Glapion, Pierre Private

Glapion, Telesphore Private

Glaude, P. Private

Glaudin, M. Ordnance Sergeant

Glaudin, P. Private

Godefray, J.P. Private

Godefray, M Private

Godfroid, O. not available

Golard, Joseph Private

Golard, Jules* Private

Golis, Louis Captain

Golis, Numa Private

Gomez, Jules Private

Gondram, D. Private

Gonzales, Armand Private

Gonzales, Florville Sergeant

Gonzales, Gustave Private

Gonzales, Paul not available

Grace, Alexis* Private

Grandpre, C. Private

Grandpre, T. Private

Gravier, Bernard Jr. Private

Gravier, Bernard Sr. Private

Gravier, T. Private

Greffin, B. Private

Gregoire, A.* Private

Gregoire, C. not available

Gregore, Pierre not available

Guadiz, D. 2nd Lieutenant

Guibert, Auguste not available

Guillant, Ernesto not available

Guillaume, Georges* Private

Guillaume, Joseph Jr.* Private

Guillaume, J.V. Sergeant

Guillory, Martin Sergeant

Gustave, Jules* not available

Gut, Phillipe Private