Our Nation’s History and Future…The trend is there…The momentum is in.


Just remember, it started with a total ban on the Confederate Battle Flag. It continues with the distortion of our Southern history on the hallowed fields of battle, the ban on the song, "Dixie" and the removal of the name, "Confederate". And there is more to come.

Our nation’s history is in peril of further black organized demands, discontent, disorder and disturbing disruptions and there is nothing we can do about it. Like the last time, we just don’t have the numbers to do the job. Our government has been taken over and doesn’t have the collection of guts to stop the total destruction of our already abused, misused and bruised Constitution. They have done it all in playing the part of a victim, the under-dog. Americans love an under-dog, and justify their outrageous behavior, even when they abuse the system to gain status, power and control.

The wall of separation of state and veracity has been constructed with the use of a weapon that we all fear, the fear of being labeled racist or bigots if we disagree with prominent black politicians or self-appointed black leaders who are having a field day with our system. They are using every conceivable form of twisted logic to be "offended", distort the truth and ignore the facts to further their cause and to diminish the effectiveness of their opposition with the racist and/or the bigot label, a weapon that will eventually lead to the destruction of our once decent culture that was the envy of the world.

Black demands are at an all time high for special advantage and high priority consideration at every level of every issue, including affirmative-action, reparations, removal of every obstacle, whether it is an individual, a name, a symbol, phrase or song, as long as their successes are enhancing their power and their standing in the community and reduces the stature of their designated adversaries, real or imagined.

If special consideration for one race of people over another is racist, the National Association for the ADVANCEMENT of Colored People is the most racist organization in the world. They have made a profession of being racists, bigots and criminally reprehensible as a home-grown terrorist group that uses threats, intimidation, extortion, boycotts and name calling, instead of bombs, to destroy their imagined enemies. Perfect harmony between the races would put them out of business and they know that. And they are going to persist in creating a divisive hatred and spiteful vengeance between blacks and whites as long as it is to their advantage to do so. If the NAACP says "jump", wimpy politicians say, "how high?"

And an equally disgusting terrorist who makes weak-kneed politicians tremble in their boots is Osama Bin Jackson, another shake-down artist who has his own strong-arm operation. And he has been very successful in training one of his heirs to spook the United States Government into spreading his anti-Southern propaganda through the National Park Service, a pretty hefty unConstitutional accomplishment for a smart-ass son-of-a-bandit.

Government sponsored news or government enforced historical interpretations for public consumption are both forms of government propaganda and as much against the Constitution as affirmative-action. Both are products of Karl Marx’s method of historical analysis, the so-called "dialectical materialism", from which a classless and stateless society will ultimately emerge. And that ain’t nuthin’ to mess with.

Semper Fi and Deo Vindice,

Joe Miller
East Texas