Nation vs. nation
RE: Davis, Lee just defended nation
Montgomery Advertiser, AL

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: Good points! People forget that Confederate heroes were roundly admired as American heroes before PC. Many of them had fought valiantly for the yankee fedgov — Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis in the Mexican War, and Lee remained a loyal "American" to his death, schooling young folks in how to take up arms for said entity. Lee’s Wikipedia entry starts by defining him as "a career United States Army officer, an engineer, and among the most celebrated generals in American history". Jefferson Davis’s bio there stunningly reports that in 1832 "Davis was dispatched to Galena, Illinois, at the head of a detachment assigned to remove miners from lands claimed by the Native Americans."
President Davis is included as a matter of course in the Burke’s Peerage book on "American" Presidents. That’s how it was all through our culture before PC. Today is an aberration, a freak, a systematic warping of reality.
Can anybody recap for us the info gained on President Davis’s service to the USA that came up at the time the reporter dweeb in Washington state started making trouble over the Jefferson Davis Highway a few years ago? Checking the good old 1950s (pre-PC ) Britannica, strange wonders spring out:
* His first wife was the daughter of President (then Colonel) Zachary Taylor.
* Sadly, the lady soon died, and Davis then spent ten years on a plantation "with his leisure time devoted to hard reading. He soon developed a system that was almost a model in the relations of master and slaves. He gave the servant community a large measure of self-government and left in its hands, through an interesting jury system, the trial of all petty offenders. His own experience shaped his views: knowing that his negroes were well-fed, happy and advancing, he could not believe the evil alleged against slavery."
* He served in both houses of the US Congress, in the Senate as chairman of the committee on military affairs. "During this time he strengthened the coast-defenses, enlarged the army, directed valuable surveys for a railroad to the Pacific, introduced various betterments at West Point [his alma mater]" — etc., etc.
* In the Battle of Monterey in 1846, a "stand by the Mississippians saved the day for the Americans and made Davis something of a national figure."
Davis and Lee and the others *did* defend their nation in the 1860s — THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD VALIDLY CALL ITSELF "AMERICA". The CSA is still my only nation, Davis my only president. At Patriot Network (dot info) meetings here in upcountry S.C., we close with a call to salute the American flag — the CBF on the wall — and to sing the national anthem, Dixie. This brings delighted, surprised smiles from newcomers…… ahh, those smiles have such meaning!