Nathan Bedford Forrest
Dear Jean Damu,
You have no clue of the truth about Nathan Bedford Forrest, as is evident by the vial vitriol spewed in your venomous article. The article you wrote was full of lies and besmirched the character of an honorable Southern hero.  If you want to write vile content about someone, why not write it about that murdering, Constitution-destroying Abraham Lincoln or General Sherman? It is quite obvious that you are one of the many millions who has gulped the Kool-Aid of Yankee revisionist history. For your educational benefit, I have given you some truth to digest here below in this correspondence. You will not believe it though, will you? It goes against that with which you were brainwashed in your “education”.   Not believing the truth does not change the fact that it is the truth. 
Forrest’s ties to KKK a trumped-up myth
By BILL WARD For The Times

In Defense of Gen. Forrest
And for your information, Quantrill was a hero defending innocents against the violent attacks of bloodthirsty Jayhawkers who were bushwhackers and border ruffians.  You didn’t get that right either.
Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK