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Dear Mr. Visconti,

Just read your comments of August 4th, 2008 related to the above topic.

I was under the impression that ‘Diversity’ is inclusion of all, not special selection of certain politically correct groups de jour.

Why would a Brian France declare he would prefer the fans who wave Mexican Flags, but exclude with predjudice the fan base who made NASCAR what it was at it’s heyday?

If truly Diverse, shouldn’t the Mexican Flaggers and Confederate Flaggers sit in the same stands and enjoy the same entertainment?

Wouldn’t you agree that this so called ‘Diversity’ push is just a new way to discriminate? Just exactly who was it that decided a gay liberal from New York was ‘diverse’, but a conservative blue collar worker from Appalachia who also is fond of a Confederate Flag is not ‘diverse’?

What is the secret agenda behind this ‘diversity’ cult?

Diversity is so warped, that the Spruance DuPont plant in Virginia, which has the remains of Confederate Veterans on site, has denied the decendants of the soldiers permission to place a stick flag on their graves during Confederate Memorial Day.

Why sir, do you openly promote an agenda that blatantly discriminates and causes actual harm?

Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden


You are right, Mr. Bearden, everyone is a part of "diversity", including you.

I do not advocate taking away your right to fly whatever you wish over your house or business – but what this "diversity thing" is all about is respecting other people’s right to not be associated with that symbol – and take financial action about their feelings. I understand that some people may feel frustrated over a lost ability to insult, terrorize and abuse people they previously held under such treatment with no repercussions.

I hope you will read my latest column about NASCAR in today’s newsletter.

Thank you for your email. I appreciate the time you took to email us.

Best regards,

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