Re: [FlagFight] NASCAR should ban Confederate flag at tracks

From: Georgia Flagger

Dear Mr Daniels,


Hello, My name is Billy Bearden. I strongly disagree with any decline in the number of Confederate Flags at NASCAR races tracks, and most assuredly disagree with your call for the banishment of the same.

The Confederate Flag at the race track is as benign as a flag bearing #3, #44 or even the NASCAR logo itself. Nobody in the known history of auto racing under the NASCAR banner has hanged, murdered or denied anyone their civil rights while flying a Confederate Flag from thier RV in the infield. Also of note is a continual lack of rioting.

A few years ago, Dale Ernhardt Jr spoke against the Confederate Flag fans in a Hip Hop magazine, and his fan base began to immediately shrink. He has never to this day stated such comments since, and he is not as popular as he once was…

His father was unabashedly pro Confederate Flag. A popular fantasy flag incorporates DE’s famous #3 in the middle of a Confederate Flag. Used to be at some races the winner would do a lap while waving a Confederate flag. The King Richard Petty is Pro Confederate Flag. Ditto Sterlin Marlin.

The most popular movie ever filmed with a NASCAR theme was Days of Thunder, and of course Confederate Flags were in various scenes. Regardless…

The enclosed picture is a bumper sticker to clearly show to the race world fans exactly what Diversity means. Last year a special run of 5000 Confederate/Checkered flag was passed out for free to fans entering the tracks in 5 Southern markets. They were very popular with the RV/Infield crowd. These efforts are certain crowd pleasers. The fans are unfortunantly continuing to leave in droves. Even Kyle Petty said that the fans lost in years past will never return. To much alteration of a once winning formula, too many alien changes for loyal fans who built NASCAR from the sandy beaches of Daytona and the backwoods of Georgia. Try as they might, the Frances may fill a handful of skyboxes and get a new track here or there, but the hardcore sit in the bleachers every sunday fans will continue vanish, as the France cabal is clueless. Toyota, Mexican Flags, Car of Tomorrow, and all that fluff and glitter means ZILCH without the loyal base.

To put a black or female driver behind the wheel of a NASCAR vehicle just to have "Diversity" is affirmative action gone mad. However, if you and Brian feel an overwhelming need to drop a minority behind the wheel, who did nothing to fight thier way up from short and dirt tracks to the major leagues, just so y’all can thump your chests and say "What a good boy am I" Go for it, however, please know there is more than enough space in the race universe to share the galaxy with fans who choose to show thier love and affection for thier sport with a Confederate Flag. Remember, the fans were here first, the Frances came later, and all your howling and thumbing your nose at those of us with flags will never change that.

To dictate, demand, ban, and call names is elitism, bigotry, and racism.For those reasons, you will find absolutely no room and no tolerence in that universe, or this one.

Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden
790 Harrison Road
Carrollton Georgia 30117