NASCAR’s Heritage

I will not go into a long story on the wonderful history of NASCAR. It would take me all day, to explain the beginning of this fine sport and could never name all the talented Southern men, who sweated, died and introduced this amazing experience to America. I would like to comment on NASCAR 2006.

Several years ago when little Brian France took over leadership of NASCAR, he was determined to make a difference. From the start, he steered away from tried and true formula’s, which grew this sport into a mega racing monster. Brian was scared by Je$$e Jackson from the start. Ol shakedown artist Jesse Jackson saw young Brian and figured he could scare the young buck. Which he did! Jesse started off threatening boycotts and protests at NASCAR races. In a way, that would be funny to see. Can you imagine 100,000 NASCAR fans filing past 20 anti NASCAR African American protesters or racist NAACP members? A worthless protest like the racist NAACP actions of boycotting South Carolina years ago. But Brian was scared of bad press.

Little Brian France kissed Jesse’s ring and started Diversity Drive one. I have no problem with anybody at NASCAR races. If you can pay the cost of a ticket, then anybody can come! If you can drive a race car or turn a wrench like those pit crews, then any color is fine. But Jesse Jackson loves to threaten and shakedown folks. So NASCAR began letting in hundreds of inner city youths for "free" to NASCAR races. When the African American kids were interviewed they had no idea what NASCAR was about, didn’t like it and were bused into several tracks. I am proud to say, several wonderful conservative groups protested this first Diversity Drive at Richmond, Martinsville and NC tracks. Myself included. Very limited press coverage of conservative protests, but it worked. Thousands of flyers were handed out to NASCAR fans educating them to this unfair diversity Jackson scam. Hundreds of race fans, who worked hard for tickets and never had anything handed to them, contacted Brian France, NASCAR sponsors and track officials. Diversity Drive one was killed.

Brian pulled back into his shell after 99.9% of NASCAR fans spoke. Then Diversity Drive two began, with adding in a few African American pit crew members and a driver. This worked fine, as they had to prove talent instead of affirmative action. Now little Brian France is pushing for more races in Mexico and up North. Seems kind of silly, when 9% of the Mexican population has broken the law and entered illegally into the US. Mr. France also came out against the Confederate flag and pushed Dale Jr and Jeff Gordon into making public comments against the Rebel flags at tracks. Dale Earnhardt Jr has since reversed his comments as predicted. It is estimated that between 200 to 350 Confederate flags can be seen flying at NASCAR race tracks each race. And over 77% of NASCAR fans support flying Rebel flags. As we know the Confederate flag is about heritage and not hate.

Friends, we live in a country crippled by political correctness, diversity and perversity. Hate mongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are always looking for scams. The good news is Jesse and Al are fading away. Racist groups like the black supremacist NAACP are losing members, hate groups like the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center and anti Christian ACLU are grabbing at straws. The ACLU is being challenged everyday and losing. I ask all Americans, Southerners and NASCAR fans to wave your flags, write letters to papers, keep pressure on tacks and sponsors and remember, that you are right.

God Bless NASCAR and the South,

J.D. Wright
Richmond-metro, Virginia

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