NASCAR’s growth slows after 15 years in the fast lane


Good afternoon Chuck and all,

Yesterday while I was packing with my family to return home from business with the family there was the USA Today Newspaper setting there on the breakfast table and what caught me eye was this "NASCAR`S growth slows after 15 years in the fast lane”. There is a bunch of crying and complaining about some of the older drivers quitting or trimming there racing and all; but really – could it be that the Southern people are making an impact on NASCAR’s lil back pocket? I mean really – could this really be happening? 😀 Big business can be taken down as long as good upstanding Southern people are willing to fight the good fight.

Well at least I want to believe it was because of the good people of the south. Hope all who reads is in good health and doing well. Take care. Thanks for letting me share this.

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