Dixie Outfitters,

Thank you for you and your wife taking the time to listen to me vent yesterday afternoon. We realize that you are a busy man, but we also feel you wouldn’t be in this business if you did not care.

As I stated yesterday, our son is returning from USMC enlistment today. He will be arriving at Parris Island, SC, on 05/31/04, after High School graduation on 05/21/04. Upon returning from boot camp he will be attending UGA as an active reserve, and then active duty and on to officer’s school after the first four years at Georgia. His field of choice….. Bio Chemical Engineering. I think we need more of these positive dedicated men and women in order to continue to guarantee our God given freedoms, dignity and humanity. We are very proud of his dedication to his Country and career.

My great-great Grandfather Taylor fought in the 1st, and then fought and died in the 2nd Battle of Manassas and is buried there. Other relatives fought in the Revolutionary, Civil, Korean, Vietnam and current wars.

NASCAR and Dale, Jr. have hurt us deeply. How dare they?

I am not, My husband is not, and my ancestors were not ignorant. Neither are you …..by far…..

My father brought me up on stock car racing. I sat with, ate with, and played cards as a little child, all weekend in the 60’s in Byron, Georgia at my Greek Grandfather’s restaurant with Pearson, Petty, The Allison’s, etc., …Tiny Lund, (drunk and raising cane), got a little bit of Greek backtalk when he cursed my grandfather….. But they men were and have until recently been some of my motorsport heroes.

Last night I pulled everything out of our home relating to any of these drivers and Nastycar. My favorite current driver was Mark Martin.

I know that each driver will continue to "Start Their Engines" this weekend, so the way I see it they are all prostitutes to the "Company", in lieu of their "Country".

My heart has been broken…. But my family brought me up on strong patriotic values. My choice was an easy one to make!

My husband is a USMC Vietnam Vet, and I will be damned if I will "spit on" or ridicule him, my son, or any other soldier, living or sacrificed.

How dare Nascar pay tribute each week to the military, and at the same time be such hypocrites by supporting Jackson?!?! As for Jr., let him have his Malcolm X flag and crib …. He has forgotten who paid for it.

Please assist us by circulating the attached petition.

Power in numbers. We might not always be sure if our votes are counted correctly these days, much less not even given a chance to vote …, but the almighty dollar will be counted, or should I say the lack of thereof, by our show of force.