I can’t believe how STUPID NASCAR is with their CEO making such ignorant statements about the Confederate flag.

For those of you that have never been to a NASCAR race, at least in Atlanta and Talladega, the parking lot is full of what you will think is every RV ever sold in the history of mankind. A sea of RV’s so far and wide the eye can’t comprehend the size of it. And virtually everyone has a flag flying on a tall pole and almost all of them are Confederate flags of some type.

Most of these people are RV groupies that follows the series around the country.

Why would NASCAR want to insult all of these core fans in order to pander to the few minorities?

I grew up as a NASCAR fan. I watched Bill Elliot win his first race ever at DIXIE Speedway in Woodstock Georgia. He was under age and his father had to sign for him. He ran up into the stands afterwards and gave the trophy to his girlfriend that would turn out to be his first wife. I saw Richard Petty race there, and LOSE to locals Jody Ridley and Buck Simmons. My father (a GM engineer employed in Doraville) once was an engine builder for the late Neil Bonnet and others. I grew up at the short tracks around Georgia such as Byron Middle Georgia speedway near Macon. Saw Neil Bonnet beat Billy McGinnis in a race that propelled Neil into NASCAR. I was at Dover Delaware when Neil won his only Cup race.

There use to be NO bigger fan of NASCAR than myself. But after the death of Earnhardt Senior, the PC fever infecting NASCAR, and their pandering to minorities at the expense of the core fan base, I have disowned NASCAR. The only NASCAR events I will go to will be to put out flyers that say SONNY LIED!

I will tell people this and it may surprise you. Black folks do like golf in spite of what you might think, all the blacks I work with regularly play golf. I also think they like car racing and that is why NASCAR is pandering to them. I have NO PROBLEM with NASCAR trying to expand its fan base, no problem with that at all, but NOT at the expenses of having to insult its core base in the process.

It’s just plain STUPID!

Ken Waters
Hiram, Georgia